Final year students;what goes through their minds?


Ever wondered what runs in the mind of final year students? What makes them do the things they do?

The Lord of the flies book taught us one lesson, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, the saying is old anyway, it has been around for as long as we as kids could remember our parents ringing it into our ears, the way the mind works baffles one anyway, it reminds you of only the things you want to remember and tells you only when you’ve done wrong your fault and you wonder where it has been all this while. This is the issue facing most final year students in their respective institutions; they forget to remember it is their last lap and forget to do those things they are supposed to do at the appropriate time, hence their regrets when they find out it is too late. It is no fault of theirs though, they almost always have their minds pre-occupied with other pressing matters and they forget that it is the school they are in that should be the first priority for them. One of the most pressing matters they face is their inability to read; activities fill up their days and they forget to read and whenever they decide to read, they are face with the inevitable, they are tired mentally, physically and they cannot bring themselves to read without falling asleep, works pile up and they turn in assignments late, they forget to prepare before classes and face irate lecturers whose mind are bugled as to what is stopping these students from reading and cannot bring themselves to understand that the students are tired since they, the lecturers think what are these students up to that will hinder them from reading.
Another pressing issue is the way they try all their possible best to catch up on all the latest trends they have missed out on when they were bus with studies during their rudimentary years. They try to make sure they have a taste of everything going on around them and as such make their studies suffer. Their mates having partners in schools have never crossed their minds until now, the parties and stuff they are not interested in are now a matter of fact for them, the extracurricular activities of their mates are now seemingly interesting to them and the way people react to their appearance and their composure is now an issue for them. They think about all these things and they end up with noting left in their brains to give room for reading.
Most in tertiary institutions that are not from wealthy families have every right to be concerned since they should have known by now that it is a lie thinking they can become anything they want to if they put their hearts in it, they know their expectant parents are waiting to reap the fruits of their labors, their siblings are waiting for them to finish school and help ease up the burdens, their community sees them as the apple of their eyes once they see them with the khaki cloths, their partners want to settle down as soon as possible and they are clueless about what to do once they are done with their schooling. Most students end up committing murder since it is not suicide to kill themselves when they know a lot of people are dependent on them, some resort to stealing just to keep up with demands, some are hopeful God will help them out, some believe there is space for them while some believe there is no way they are not going back to their father’s farm. These issues are enough to serve as deterrents for students whose ambitions are sky high when they are just admitted but become a far cry when they get to the pinnacle of institutional success. Even the writer thought he was going to become a systems analyst when he was admitted but now is a content editor just to make ends meet.

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