‘Lucid’ is Asa’s fourth studio album.

Artist: Asa

Album Title: Lucid

Genre: Sentimental Ballad, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Baroque Pop,

Date of Release: October 11, 2019

Producers: TBA

Album Art:

Meghan Markle’s half brother, Thomas Markle Jr has revealed he’s now homeless and he blames this on Meghan and Harry’s relationship which he said put him in the spotlight.

“You can’t evict someone just because they don’t have a job — so we went to court and our attorneys made an agreement that I would leave by April 5. Right after that agreement he did interviews telling people I was a low-life, a freeloader, a scumbag, that I owed him money and I was being evicted which wasn’t true. I couldn’t believe it — I feel he unfairly treated me because of who I am. He took advantage of who I am, used it against me and made me look like the bad guy.

“There’s definitely a barrier to me renting a property — even though there’s no eviction on my name, everyone has seen or heard his accusations against me — which are all untrue.”

Thomas Jr said the false accusations had made it almost impossible for him to find an alternative home.

“I had a really nice place lined up where I was going to live out in the woods and I was going to do work on the property but I lost that because of all this,” he said.

“I’ve been trying for other places but just can’t find anything. I’m still out of work — I’ve been applying to places but they hear my name and I don’t get it. I’ve even been applying to things I’m over qualified for. This has never happened to me before in my life.

“The problem is I’m known as Thomas Markle, Meghan’s crazy brother now. I’ve gone from being a private person to having everything I’ve ever done in my life out there for everybody.”

He says living in a small hotel room is taking a huge toll on his relationship with Darlene.

He said: “It’s very uncomfortable and expensive — we don’t know how we are going to afford it. We have two dogs and Darlene’s son staying with us a lot of the time, I had to get a big storage unit so we have none of our stuff with us — it’s not a nice way to live.

“I’ve worked my whole life to have a comfortable living as a custom glazier that’s my trade and I’ve always made a good living from that. This is not just a low point it’s scary, it’s really uncomfortable to have such an uncertain future.”

Thomas Jr recently signed a deal with boxing promoter Damon Feldman to fight actor Henry “Nacho” Laun, a close pal of Mark Wahlberg at an event next month. He said he is hoping that his upcoming celebrity boxing match will help turn things around for him.

He said: “I’m doing this celebrity boxing because I want people to see I’m a normal person but it’s hard to counteract all the bad stuff.

“People think I’m riding Meghan’s coat-tails but that’s the hand I’ve been dealt. This is my life now — I can’t live my old life anymore even if I want to but I still need to survive.

“For me this fight is about two things. Firstly it’s a fight for survival — I’m hoping this will really turn my fortunes around. It’s something positive to me to focus on rather than all the negative.

“Secondly it’s a fight for the Markle family — I hope it shows Meghan that she does have a family here that she may have forgotten about and that it hasn’t been easy for any of us having our lives turned upside down. I’ve got through my whole entire life working successfully and living a comfortable life and now for the first time I don’t have that any more.

“I don’t want to bad mouth Meghan but I think this could have all been handled better at the beginning. She could have helped me deal with all this attention and it’s still in her power to help me now.

“I wish her all the best with her new baby but it is hard when I see how much she’s spending on baby showers and things and I’ve got nothing.

“The kind of money she spends would set me up for life.”