While ladies would always say they can’t date broke guys, there are those that don’t mind doing so.

That he does not have a job at the moment or that he’s down on his luck does not disqualify him from finding love; and if you find yourself falling for a guy like this, here are things you need to know:

What’s his attitude towards getting his finances right?

It’d be catastrophic to say you love someone who is broke now and sits on his behind without plan and effort to break free from his present situation.

2. There’ll be inconveniences

There’ll be that, and there’ll also be sacrifices.

You know those things that your former boyfriend used to do because he could afford it?

Sorry, this new guy won’t be able to.

You know those great, cute gifts your friends get from their boyfriends and post on Instagram?

Sorry ma’am, you might not be able to post them for a while.

And hey, you might also have to share some of your salary with him while he’s still waiting to find his feet.

It comes with the territory.

3. The sex is [always] on point

Ok. It’s not like there is empirical evidence or some stat to back up this assertion, but word on the streets support it.

It is believed that broke guys somehow have mad sex skills and often try to make up for their financial weakness with sexual prowess.

4. It could end in disaster

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the fact that you stood by a guy when he has nothing is not assurance that your love will be forever.

It’s cruel and sad, but that’s how it is.

You could run all the supportive girlfriend scheme, you could be loyal and faithful and prayerful and you could even hand him your ATM card and he’ll still do you dirty when he hits it big.

See, some guys don’t even wait to hammer before they start to misbehave. You’ll be funding him, and he’ll be using your own money to cheat on you.

This is the kind of stuff that happens, guys.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen to you.