Tonto Dikeh says she hasn’t been deported from Dubai [Video]

Tonto Dikeh has denied the news going around that she was deported from Dubai. [Instagram/TontoDikeh]

Tonto Dikeh has denied the rumours of her getting deported from Dubai.

Tonto Dikeh has denied the news going around that she was deported from Dubai.

In a video released by the movie star, she laughed off the insinuation that she was deported to Nigeria from Dubai.

“Hello, people whats up. I heard you guys have been looking for me up to the extent that you guys created fake news that I was deported. Really? Anyways I’m still here…still here…going to be here for a while. And please stop the fake news, I have not been deported. Y’all don’t know my name? Its King Tonto. You guys are joking with me, I swear, these bloggers be joking with me,” she said.

Prior to the release of this video, there had been reports that Tonto Dikeh was arrested in Dubai after reportedly getting into a fight with some security personals.

Tonto Dikeh has denied the news going around that she was deported from Dubai. [Instagram/Tontolet]

While Tonto Dikeh is denying her arrest claims, there are unconfirmed reports that music star, Davido is cooling off with the police authority in Dubai for assaulting a young man.

Davido’s arrest…

There are unconfirmed reports that Davido has been arrested in Dubai for allegedly inflicting injuries on a supposed fan’s head. [Instagram/DavidoOfficial]

There are unconfirmed reports that Davido has been arrested in Dubai

It’s the morning of October 20, 2019. The event had begun in the late hours of October 19. Rema had just won the ‘Next Rated Award’ while Zlatan was reduced to only ‘Best Collaboration.’

As I walked towards my ride, a voice sprang up behind me, bemoaning the lack of recognition for Zlatan. In Yoruba, he says, “That boy Zlatan was treated unfairly.” Well, maybe or maybe not. The perpetual settings of awards will forever be ‘polarizing.’ That is why we are here.

Since nominees were announced on October 1, 2019, be it Naira Marley

He said, “Until we start holding the government responsible, Nigerians will continue to die.”

Nice touch.

Dear Nigerian artists, please learn how to perform

Ladies and gentlemen, Nigerian artists need to learn how to perform. For the love of God, what was Victor AD doing on stage? Granted, it might have been hard to stir a cynical crowd, but what was that choral/angelic back-up doing on ‘Wetin We Gain’?

The same thing goes for Rema and Wurld. It almost seemed like the stage was too big for them to manage. This has to change; a good song cannot make a good performance. Most of the time, you need stage craft.


The night was filled with more shockers than commendable events. Granted, what social media will tag ‘shocker’ might not necessarily be the most contextual argument, but we saw some shockers earlier this morning. This is why this writer feels the event should have been tagged, ‘A Series of Shocking Events’

First off, why do the Headies keep naming a song of the year when that song won’t win its genre category? How did ‘Case’ win Best Pop Single over Burna’s ‘Ye’ which won song of the year? It makes no sense and it’s not even a voting category. Something smells and it’s not party jollof rice.

The worst case of twists is Seyi Shay winning Best R&B Single for ‘Gimme Love’ featuring Runtown. Like how? It’s not a voting category, so it should be about quality in songwriting, production, themes, vocal performance and production. This should have gone to ‘Serenade’ by Funbi. ‘Gimme Love’ is also not the most impactful song in that category.

Mayorkun‘s win for Best R&B/Pop Album is ridiculous. While Mayor of Lagos might the better and more enjoyable album, but Outside should have won this.

Teni’s win for Best Recording of the Year is almost as hilarious as Johnny Drille winning Best Alternative Song over Brymo’s ‘Olanrewaju.’ We’re talking about composition and songwriting here.

How is Teni’s vocal performance on ‘Uyo Meyo,’ which is a great song better than GoodGirl LA‘s on ‘Bless Me’? How is she better than Falana on ‘Repeat’? This is about vocal performance. Anybody can tell. It’s also not a voting category. How did Teni win Viewer’s Choice over ‘Ye’ by Burna Boy? The award is about popularity and success on streaming. So, how?

The wildest win was Chinko Ekun for ‘Able God.’ The criteria for the category reads, “…For the artiste whose songs are inspired by the streets. Such song should captain lingua, which may also be originated by the artiste and popular on the street…”

This criteria screams ‘Leg Work’ by Zlatan. The song championed a dance movement and ‘Gbese.’

Absenteeism of stars

We understand, ‘afrobeats to the world’ is in full swing and western capitalists are buying into it. We understand that the chance of making money in a more profitable industry is appealing. We also understand that having a shot at this means bigger schedules. We also know that Nigerian awards aren’t as glamorous or bougie as foreign awards.

It’s fine. It’s also fine to have grievances against an award show for snubbing you. It’s fine if you then decide to have your revenge that snub when you make it big by the big bad ‘boycott.’ It’s all good. But then, there is another side to this conversation. Ego comes with achievement and ego can also be disruptive.

‘Afrobeats to the world’ is only a phase for America. It happened with Dancehall, Reggae and Eastern European Dance Music. It will soon come to an end. By that time, some people will have become genuine cross-over stars, but the truth is that only a few people will be in that class. People outgrow things, but feeling too big is a problem of stardom.

One of the reasons the Headies became a drab affair at times tonight was because the A-listers were missing. Their performances would have rallied a crowd. Win after win was met with an acceptance by proxy and terrible acceptance speeches from most of those proxies. It’s also fine if the Headies denied certain people awards for lack of attendance.

Even Johnny Drille missed the show. Zlatan missed the show and Killertunes, a producer who doesn’t realize that even the top producers have ephemeral careers missed the show. You can choose to do whatever with your presence, but be careful how you portray yourself.

When ‘afrobeats to the world’ ends, what will become of certain people? Will they start catering to a media they ignored and spat on? Wizkid is understandable, but the rest are just laughable. These artists will not do this to MTV. Yes, life comes in stages, but sometimes, you honour things out of respect.

Snub for an award is not about disrespect. If you prove the award wrong, then it’s about you, not the mistake of that award.


He might not have won the most awards, but he might have been the biggest winner tonight. Moral Instruction became the first rap album to win Album of the Year. Say what you want, but it deserves it. Of the nominated albums, it is better produced with the best themes and it is a more enjoyable listen.

Falz’s Moral Instruction is the only one of the nominated albums that ticks all boxes of overall quality, good production, content, commercial success and genuine impact. That is not cheap. It’s not about rappity-rap. What does your rap do? Who is listening? How accessible is this rap?

Look no further than when the silence was deafening, with no cheer from the fans as some of our favourite rappers were called out by name. A lot of people don’t know them. Falz has trascended that into a space of accessibility to the mainstream. That is why he is more popular. That’s why he gets the cheers.

Is he the best rapper? No. But does he make the most appealing music? Definitely.

Some of these talking points will get individual articles.

Apple TV+: Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard say new show See will create more roles for blind actors

SEE on apple TV +

Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard have told Sky News they believe their new series See will pave the way for more roles for blind actors on screen.

The drama is set hundreds of years in the future, after a deadly virus has decimated Earth and left those who survived without sight – until Baba Voss, played by Momoa, becomes the father of twins who can see.

While Game Of Thrones and Aquaman star Momoa and mooted 2020 Oscar contender Woodard lead the cast, the ensemble also features several actors who are visually impaired.

Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard in See. Pic: Apple TV+
Image:Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard star in See. Pic: Apple TV+

Due for release on Friday as one of the flagship shows for the launch of Apple‘s new TV+ streaming service, the show has already opened up the conversation about representation for people with disabilities in TV and film.

Actress Marilee Talkington, who is legally blind and stars in the show alongside Momoa and Woodard, praised Apple for its inclusion of visually impaired actors at the series’ premiere in Los Angeles but said that full representation “across the board” is “long overdue”.

Addressing the issue to Sky News, Momoa said the show is at the “forefront” when it comes to representation on screen.

“Hopefully this will create opportunities for blind actors to come on board,” she said. “They need the training, they need the exposure. See is a place that if we stick and we do some seasons, certainly they will be coming more and more into the primary characters, so we’re sort of seeding the ground for that to happen.

“I think something for the world to see is a whole group of people – even though we’re very young in the language of blindness – that blind people are people, they are capable of anything anybody else is capable of, except being able to focus their eyes on something and depend on their eyes.

“So you get to see evil queens be blind and you get to see courageous warriors – and you get to see human beings.”

Jason Momoa as Baba Voss in Apple TV+ show See. Pic: Apple TV+
Image:Momoa says his role as Baba Voss is his greatest yet. Pic: Apple TV+

Both Momoa and Woodard, as well as the other sighted stars, received extensive training with the help of Joe Strechay, a visually impaired blindness consultant who works on entertainment projects.

“For a solid month all we did was do blindness training, not just the primary cast, but all the stunt people, all the background actors,” said Woodard. “We all had to learn the language of how to navigate the world without sight.

“Joe became a very dear friend as well as our blindness coach. There was nothing we couldn’t ask him, because basically you’re a toddler and you’re saying, teach me the language.

Alfre Woodard in Apple TV+ show, See. Pic: Apple TV+
Image:Woodard says the show will hopefully create more roles for blind actors. Pic: Apple TV+

“For a month [we had] all kinds of exercises: how to use how to use a stick, how to echolocate, how to use your other senses – smell, taste and touch. To figure your way around a room or a situation that normally you would depend on your eyes to do, and then we had to translate just the glimpse of that new language into how we incorporate it into our acting style.”

Momoa said the show’s stars all learned from the blind and visually impaired actors and advisers on set.

“Absolutely. I mean, we’re actors, so it’s kind of great because we get to study them… I would definitely study Joe all the time. And Joe’s so good that you have to go further because he doesn’t look like he’s blind… I constantly went to him and other cast members. It was great.”

Momoa, who played Dothraki chief Khal Drogo in the first series of Game Of Thrones, says his role in See is his greatest and most challenging yet.

Ahead of its release, comparisons are already being made, but the star is quick to play them down.

“Nothing compares to Game of Thrones,” he says. “To me, it’s one of the greatest shows of recent history. You know, this is first season. There’s so many different worlds… this doesn’t really compare. But personally? This is better for me.

“Drogo really doesn’t say much. He falls in love for a second, then he dies. A lot of people connected with that, it was a great role, but that series is its own realm. This is not that. It’s its own world and it’s beautiful.

“I don’t like comparing the two, the only thing they have in common is I’m in both. But personally, I can do a lot of great… I get to talk, I get to speak English – it’s pretty fun. I get to smile and fall in love, and it lasts more than eight episodes. So I’m pretty excited.”

As one of the flagship Apple TV+ launch shows, See premieres on Friday alongside the much-hyped The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

Are TV series and streaming the future for Hollywood?

“I think so,” says Woodard. “I’ll go wherever the story is good. It’s like, you give me a good story, I follow. I think the writer is queen or king, but there’s no putting this genie back in the bottle. So, you know, I think it actually is stepping up TV’s game.

“This will last as long as it lasts before the next innovation happens… Who knows how fast it’s going to go? But for now, this is the going currency.”

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