Dr. Pimple Popper Just Dug A ‘Meatball’ Out Of A Dilated Pore Of Winer In New Instagram Video

Dr. Pimple Popper Pops A 'Meatball' DPOW
Dr. Pimple Popper Pops A ‘Meatball’ DPOW
  • In her latest Instagram video, Dr. Pimple Popper clears out a deep dilated pore of winer.
  • The dermatologist struggles to clear the DPOW is buried deep in her patient’s back.
  • Dr. Pimple Popper uses her comedone extractor tool, tweezers, and fingers to release everything out of the clogged pore.

Dr. Pimple Popper (a.k..a Sandra Lee, MD)  makes pimple popping look so easy, and satisfying. Still, she does face some formidable bumps that look like a struggle (nobody will forget that monster lipoma pop )

In her latest Instagram video, Dr. Pimple Popper is dealing with a giant blackhead, or dilated pore of winer, and it is not going easily. She captioned the new pop: “What do you do when you see a hole Hope theres a DPOW in it of course! #drpimplepopper #dpow”

In case youre a Dr. Pimple Popper newbie, a dilated pore of winer is a basically a large, open blackhead . Theyre usually found on the head and neck, but they can also pop up on the back and stomach. This DPOW looks like it is located on the middle of her patient’s back.

Dr. Pimple Popper goes in with her comedone extractor tool, but the DPOW doesn’t budge. It basically swallows up the tool, it’s so big. She tries squeezing with her fingers and pulling it out with tweezers. The combination technique works and the DPOW gives way. It releases a “meatball” according to one fan comment. Another Popaholic was concerned about the gaping hole left behind. This commenter wrote, “Do you just leave the hole or do you sew it up?”

This dilated pore of winer tried its best, but it was no match for the one and only Dr. Pimple Popper and her trusty tools.

Every naturalista always look out for hacks that can help them comb their hair without experiencing breakage.

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9 words you can use to make a woman feel sexy
Need to tell a woman how sexy she is without being too obvious or repetitive? This is the article you’ve been looking for.

It gets quite boring telling a woman she is sexy all the time.

Remember that time she wore that dress with the teasingly low neckline? You called her sexy.

You also called her sexy on that day she wore that sexy jean and she was all shades of hot.

You’ve also used the word on many other occasions. It gets tiring after a while.

Women are moved by what they hear, and you need to upgrade from saying the same compliment all the time if you want that flirtation between you both to become even better.

When you see that drop-dead gorgeous lady you have been crushing on, and you’ve run out of words to describe her, simply because she always find new ways to blow your mind to bits, here are extra words you can turn to.

1. Tell her she’s enticing. Afterall her very presence draws you in effortlessly,doesn’t it?

2. Tell her she’s captivating. It’s not just about her curves and smoking-hot body, there’s something about the entire package, the entirety of her femininity which totally captures your imagination.

3. Tell her she’s alluring if you feel her sexiness actually drawing and luring you to her. This is not as bland as just saying she is sexy.

It gives it an extra meaning.

4. Call her sensuous when the flirtation gets really deep and it is only a matter of time before you both seal the deal.

Calling her this shows her the picture that you do not find her sexy just for the sake of it. You find her sexy and you’d probably give anything to unravel that sexy.

5. Call her fascinating. This is another word that shows that she is sexy to you not just because of her impressive body features. It’s more than that.

6. Call her ravishing. This portends a sexiness that is at least three times more intense.

7. Call her charming if her sexiness holds you spellbound. Enchanting works just fine here too.

8. Call her sultry if you need a direct word to replace sexy.

9. Call her irresistible. The word explains itself and she will get the point that you really do try but her sexiness is too potent and keeps pulling you back.