What Is Dry January, And What Are The Health Benefits?


What Are The Health Benefits Of Dry January?

You can also make it a bit easier on your self by avoiding thinking about what youre supposedly missing out onand when you do go out, drinking other hydrating beverages like water (flat or sparkling), tea (hot or iced), or something like a matcha latte, Zeitlin says. Mocktails , or alcohol-free cocktails, are always a good swap.

You can also swap the drinks dates with your friends for dates to take a walk, go to a workout class, or just grab dinner, because honestly, you don’t need alcohol in every social situation.

Okay…but what happens when February hits?

The first thing Zeitlin advises is checking in with yourself (another benefit of Dry January is having a chance to assess your relationship with booze, she says).

Ask yourself how youre feeling without the booze. Did you have more energy, save more money, or lose the few pounds you wanted? she says. Then use this as a starting point to re-adjust your relationship to alcohol, if its needed.”

In some cases, those who voluntarily quit alcohol for a month may end up drinking less even after the period endsthat’s what happened in a 2016 study published in the journal Health Psychology . After participating in Dry January, participants reported healthier drinking habits even after the month was over.

Still, if you don’t feel any changes, it’s fine to go back to how your relationship with alcohol was before the month started. Just keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to limit your booze to one or two drinks a night, says Zeitlinor no more than seven drinks per week for a woman, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism .

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