CKay tells Pulse about moving to Lagos and ‘CKay The First EP’


CKay visits Pulse Nigeria. (Pulse Nigeria)A view into CKay’s mind is quite interesting.

This happened two months later than expected, but it finally happened and it felt like perfect timing. He came with his manager. As this writer approached them in the lobby, he thought the atmosphere was cold and so were the initial pleasantries.

Just before the interview started, he says, “I feel good. But I haven’t been here in a while. You guys (Pulse) and I haven’t been best of friends (laughs).”

About two months prior, this writer had written a not-so-good review for his EP, CKay The First.  As a creative, he understood the inevitability of that cold shoulder. However, this writer was wrong. A few moments after pleasantries at the lobby, we all got into the studio – the cold shoulder became warm. Jokes were also shared and CKay, the subject of the interview loosened up.

“I try to use it, but not in a way to offend Yoruba people (laughs). There was a song I made where I mis-pronounced a line and Yoruba people came for me. My people, I’m not Yoruba, but I like your language and I will like to use it and sing. In case I pronounce any words wrongly, please forgive me.”

He says that he’s more about communications and expressions than language. He thinks that creativity should be about finding the right language that fits the song. Coincidentally, ‘Beeni’ was also the hardest song to make on CKay The First.

He had already made the song, but he felt it needed someone deep and emotional. He also felt like the person had to be Yoruba-speaking. His mind went to Barry Jhay, but to get the artist on ‘Beeni’ proved hard until one night at 11 pm. He went to Barry Jhay’s house and the song was made. But that was after going to Dotman‘s house to get a Sound Card.


The first track on CKay The First is ‘DTF and it’s about a one night stand that became a regretful relationship. CKay made the song against the societal construct that makes women want to see ‘value’ before having sex.

He says, “I feel like we’re in a position in society where people want to pursue relationships after one-night stands just so they won’t feel cheap. It’s mostly – not always – from the female perspective. When some women meet a guy they like and they have sex, they want a relationship. But it’s okay to just have sex and it’s even better that having a toxic and abusive relationship.

“This is from experience – I was in a very toxic relationship and it ended really bad. Like, really bad. I feel like it’s more about the system that birthed and brought women up too. Africa, we are very conservative and above all, religious and very hypocritical. I’m a Christian and I have my beliefs, but this is just me reasoning as a human being.

“However, I feel like love is a big deal during which you totally open up to someone. So, I feel like we should stop conflating love for physical attraction after one or two sessions of sex. If you go there and the other party isn’t deserving of you, it ends badly. So I feel women and men should be more honest with themselves.

“If you like someone and you want to sleep with them, then say it. Let’s just not go around deceiving people and leaving them scarred for life. Some people don’t recover from toxic relationships and it affects their marriages.”

Short Film

In 2020, CKay will release a short film about CKay The First. He calls the film an “African extra-terrestrial love story.” The cover art for Ckay The First is a part of that story. When you look closely, you see a spaceship and some weird things, but they all have a meaning. CKay was into sci-fi as a kid and has some interesting theories about extra-terrestrial existence and aliens.

CKay releases ‘CKay The First.’ (Chocolate City/Warner)

He feels, “The universe is too large for humanity to be the only form of life in it. Let’s say earth is like a speck of dust and this whole space (the studio) is like the size of the milky way galaxy. The Universe is too big to only be home to earthly life. There’s also been like 100,000 UFO sightings between 1980 and 2001.

“So, I feel like these sightings only happen everywhere else asides Africa. So, are you going to tell me that aliens only want everywhere else asides Africa? So what if our African gods were aliens? Then I decided to interpret theory in this film from an African perspective and tell a love story with it.”

The film was directed by South African, Makhere Thiesto and shot in Ghana. Ckay wanted to replace the idea of music videos with a short film that ties the eight songs on CKay The First into one great story.

The short film is also about ten minutes long. CKay admits that most people won’t understand it, but he feels like he owes it to his creativity and talent to do it.


CKay will drop EP after the short film. But before then, the latter parts of 2019 will see a song titled ’11/10′ drop. It’s a song by LusshBeatz and also features Terri. CKay also have a collaboration with Belgian, Bryan MG.

2020 will also see releases with Joeboy, Peruzzi, Niniola and more.

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