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51 Golden Rules for a Healthy Relationship

More than 70% of us view relationship as nasty business, but you know that relationships shouldn’t necessarily be a tablet of depression. Just like everyday activities, there are some rules that when activated would posit positive results in your relationships.

The book, 51 golden rules for a healthy relationship, is a short read written with the aim of improving relationships and eradicating the mantra, ‘relationship is hard’, that seems to have gain a wide ground.

You may wonder or might have wondered if romantic relationship is for you. I understand that, I may even understand more than you do. Yes, this book was written out of personal experience after going through the rigorous headache and heartache of unfruitful relationships.

The rules are simple, clear and succinct. The book is currently available on Amazon.

To get the book, either click on the image below or here

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