Apple Shaped Body Type|Tips to dress and wardrobe advice| Tips for Fashion Stylists and Designers.


Fashion stylists and designers choose designs that will accentuate the upper part of the dress, particularly the bust and shoulder line. This further implies that emphasis and details can be at the upper part of the dress, since we want the eyes to focus there. To draw attention to your upper part, cleavages are perfect. V necks, scoop necks, halter necks and statement necklaces are also a good option. Sequins, decorations, prints, embroidery, appliques and other fashionable fabrics can be added to highlight that part too.

This other strategy is a little bit tricky, as it involves you actually drawing attention, highlighting and defining your waist, but instead of leaving it in the original shape, you visually change the waist shape into a more feminine and curvy shape with the use of belts and pattern tricks which majorly involves the patterning and drafting of a particular style.

Dresses that are suitable for you include Boleros, sleeveless attires and clothes that reveal your legs. Playsuits and shorts are good options for you. Draw attention away from your waist to your bust and neck with V-necks because you have to wear clothes that accentuate other parts asides your waist. Peplum styles would absolutely look perfect on you. Wear bottoms just below your hipbone to draw attention away from your midriff. Avoid dresses that pinch at your waist and wear tops that drape over any curve. Bands, waist trainers, huge belts, small belts and rope belts sitting over your waist area isn’t a bad idea and wrap dresses would be fabulous too. Stay away from form-fitting tops and try more flowy styles and trust me, shift dresses are your go-to silhouette.


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