What to wear on a first date


She has finally accepted your offer for a date! Now you are thinking what to wear to make a good impression on her (without looking like you’ve tried too hard). No idea how to achieve that? You’re not alone!

“Khakis scream ‘casual workplace,’” explains Bruce Pask, style director of the men’s fashion magazine Cargo. “They just don’t seem sexy.”

Jeans on the other hand is much more acceptable and sexy, contrary to what many men think. So if you don’t find anything better consider wearing a medium to dark jeans teamed with crisp cotton or linen shirt and a simple dark blazer. This accentuates your manliness unlike khakis.

2. Add a Hint of Color

Until and unless the woman you will be meeting is mad about ‘Men in Black’, avoid wearing all black attire. Remember, your first date is not a formal meeting, so you can consider adding some colors to make things look more cheerful.

Also avoid wearing beige or other neutral colors since they make you look boring. Instead consider some collared custom dress shirts in blue, maroon, etc. that can be paired with a light colored sweater or the other way round. This way you won’t look too flashy or too boring.

3. Don’t Wear a Suit, Try a Blazer Instead

You are not going to attend a meeting or appear for an interview, so you must avoid wearing suits on your first date. If you really want to look natural and charming, try a blazer instead. Blazers look cool and give you a little more casual mileage than suits.

Moreover you can pair blazers with jeans or trousers of your choice to make it look even more chic. Remember, the key to impress a woman is doing it right, not overdoing it. So save your suits for your wedding day.


4. Keep it Simple Silly

Love wearing casuals? Wearing casuals for the first date can be a good idea; but only if you stay away from your outlandish attire. Remember the theory of KISS (keep it simple, silly). Keep things simple and understated for the top half; that does not mean you have to get dressed in blue and grey. It is recommended to stay away from the neons. Save them for your beach party instead. The secret is to stay relaxed but avoid looking sloppy. Dress in a way that shows you’ve put in much effort to look well; being too much casual might send the wrong signal.


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