Interview Attire that makes the best impression PART 1


This is it – the most important interview of your life.

This can be the case in legal, lobbying, consulting, private banking and other industries that highly depend on reputation.

Thus, being interviewed at Google differs from being interviewed at Credit Suisse.

While in the former case your appearance can be more relaxed to a certain degree, in the latter it is probably better to have a classic more austere look.

Get to know the company’s dress code

In addition to discovering the company’s work setting, it is important to learn if there is any particular dress code.

The company may have a semi-open office space in form of, so-called, office cubes, but be highly strict on office attire. With regard to that, you can highly benefit from meeting one of employees of that company you are going to be interviewed at.

This way you can get a better idea of what are the expectations from and requirements to potential employees, and learn to better satisfy them. A good resource that can help you with such research is numerous professional networking websites of which the most popular is Linked-In.


Make sure you have proper attire beforehand

It usually takes a while to find a suit that perfectly matches one’s body type.

You may try on tens of suits before you find the right one. Therefore, it is best to start preparations in advance – a few weeks at least if you are planning to

Therefore, it is best to start preparations in advance – a few weeks at least if you are planning to buy a suit, or even a month or two should you decide to have your suit custom tailored for you.

In both cases, the classical men suit would be your best bet. It has remained the same for hundreds of years and thus never changes at a sudden whim of fashion.

Before purchasing a suit though, make sure you have learned a few important things about suit selection, which will be discussed in the following sections.


A few days before the scheduled date of the interview, have your hair freshly cut or, at least, trimmed around the neck and ears.

To make sure you have it done right and exactly as you like it, visit a barber that has been cutting your hair for a while already.

Otherwise, you might be not satisfied with the job done, and become worried about your cut at the interview.

There is no need for that to become something you are uncomfortable with in a such an important event .

Facial hair

If you grow a mustache or beard – must be also freshly trimmed; otherwise get shaved on the very day of the interview, or, at least, on the prior day.

When shaving, be also careful not to cut yourself (bleeding on an interview is just not right!) and try to to prevent razor burn. Not only all that will make your more attractive to everyone, but can also boost your self-confidence and, again, relieve you from having to worry about such minor issues.

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