Is it healthier to sleep naked rather than in pyjamas?


A third of us don’t wear anything in bed, primarily in an effort to keep cool. But might it also have benefits for our fertility?

A woman in bed in pyjamas
 Are pyjamas best? Being too hot in bed can cause health issues. Photograph: ariwasabi/Getty 

Nearly 40% of us sleep in pyjamas, a little more than 20% in our underwear and just under a third wear nothing in bed, according to a survey of 1,200 adults in the UK . Since the average length of time between pyjama washes is two weeks (the most common excuse people gave was that their nightwear didn’t smell), you might think being naked is healthier. After all, your skin needs to breathe, doesn’t it?

The solution

There isn’t a lot of research on the topic. But first off, skin doesn’t breathe. The idea that air will waft over our naked bodies and we will somehow soak it up just isn’t true. But sleeping naked does keep you cooler – the optimal temperature for sleeping is around 20C (68F). Lack of sleep is linked to a multitude of conditions such as diabetes, obesity, stroke and depression. It is also corrosive to relationships.

If you are too hot in bed, then your core temperature will struggle to fall which, according to the Sleep Council, means you won’t trigger your “sleep mechanism”. During sleep, your body’s temperature falls naturally after three or four hours – and wearing fluffy pyjamas under a heavy duvet will disrupt that. However, your feet mustn’t get too cold, as that also disturbs sleep. Rather than wearing bed socks, which get hotter by the hour, you should use a hot water bottle.

Then there is the sex and reproductive health angle. Wearing underwear at bedtime increases the likelihood of your genital region getting sweaty, especially in summer. For women with conditions such as vulvitis, an inflammation of the outer genitalia in which the skin folds are red and swollen with tiny cracks, wearing underwear in a warm bed can encourage opportunistic infections such as yeast that thrive in dark, sweaty crevices. According to a study in Andrology, men who don’t wear pants at night may improve the quality of their sperm. Data from about 500 men in the US showed that those who wore boxers during the day and nothing at night had a 25% lower risk of DNA fragmentation in their sperm than those who wore tight pants night and day. However, the study didn’t show that their partners were more likely to get pregnant or to do so more quickly. Research in the Journal of Urology found no significant difference between underwear types and semen quality. “It is highly unlikely that underwear has a significant effect on male fertility,” concluded the authors.

In years before, sex was considered a sacred act that was supposed to be consummated between husband and wife. In fact, in the ancient times, sex and virginity was closely associated with virtue. Ladies and men who didn’t have sex before marriage were accorded respect and those who it was discovered had had sex before marriage were disgraced and were seen as outcasts in the society.
However, a lot has changed in recent times and we have come to the age of the ‘woke’ generation, the ‘jasi’ (in vogue) generation and the sacredness of sex has become significantly depleted. People, especially the youths of nowadays have become very ‘free’ as sex has become commonplace; people now have sex for the fun of it. In fact, people who meet themselves today can decide to have the popular one-night stand and move on with their lives. Sex is now considered a means of catching fun. In fact, some people, especially in this ‘woke’ generation now see sex as a sport and have now become professionals at it in the mold of Roger Federer and Christiano Ronaldo.
What effect has this brought upon this brought upon this ‘woke’ generation? First, it has brought down moral standards. By virtue of having sex at will, a lot of morals and chastity has become old fashioned as those who do not have sex are seen as outcasts and they are pushed out of the social circles.
Also, by virtue of having sex at will, the rate at which people get raped has increased. You’re in doubt of this, right? Take a sample of the rate at which rape cases were reported in the years when sex was seen as a sacred act and in recent time when sex is seen as a normal thing, how rampant is it? I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me that rape has significantly increased in this ‘woke’ generation.
Although, many may consider this extreme, the rate at which people steal in this ‘woke’ generation has increased. Take a sample of most armed robbery groups which are nabbed nowadays; you’ll discover that most of them are youths, right? The truth is that asides, using the proceeds of their loots to attend wild parties and buy cars, most of these youths actually use their loots to either sleep with prostitutes or lure ladies who they eventually have sex with.
This cycle has caused the following. The ‘woke’ generation who have been touted to be leaders of tomorrow have lost the dreams of that tomorrow as they have become lost in the wilderness of today. It is no news that sex is addictive. By virtue of incessant desire for sex, the ‘woke’ generation have lost all thought of tomorrow as they are all concerned with the mundane enjoyment that five minutes of pleasure will give to them.
What then do we do? Which way do we go? How do we rescue the youths of today from this menace that has beclouded their vision? The way to go is to repair the faulty foundation; a reorientation, a renewal of the mind of the youths of today is needed lest our dreams of a brighter tomorrow become lost in the wilderness of today.

3. Fabric or cotton canvas: brush hard to wash the dirt off first before making it wet, this is really important so that it wont absorb dust in the wet state. You can quickly wash in a washing machine. Delicate programme and cold water to avoid shrinkage since it is fabric-like.

4. Rubber shoes
It can be found in some white sneakers. Use acetone-free nail polish remover especially if it is a wet rubber or use a strongly diluted bleach. Bleaches can terribly eat up the material, so gently wash off after this process. It is possible that the shoe might be a mix of materials, for example, it might be a leather shoe with a rubber sole, ensure that you don’t touch the other material because it will be too aggressive on it. If your sneakers is made up of lace material, you can wash in the washing machine, but do not put in it directly, wrap it in something first before putting it inside.

5. Mesh shoes ( also referred to as running shoes)
It is not stable so do not machine wash. You can put a detergent in water but ensure the detergent is bleach free and apply on the shoe with the help of a soft brush or an old cloth. Brush and wash the dirt away and rinse off with a sponge or cloth soaked in water.

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