See how Toke Makinwa is teaching us how to rock Sequins. Be ready to slay in sequins once this lockdown is over!


See how Toke Makinwa is teaching us how to rock Sequins.

Sequins, also pronounced as “Sequence” by fabrics retailers can be easily distinguished because of their dazzling, sparkling and shining property. If you would be on a red carpet, sequins are tested ways to draw attention to yourself, and here is Toke Makinwa teaching us how to do just that.

Her Balmain camouflage sequin dress in V neck plus long sleeves form gives us a sophisticated and yet simple sort of look. No accessory and her nails aren’t super shinning too. They are just sort of solid and that’s quite fine. No complicated intrinsic design such as a shinning Tiara, dangling earrings, or shiny hair accessories. This is because sequin dress does double-duty and what this means is that you don’t need any other piece of something sparkly or shinning. In as much as you love to be fashionable though, be careful of revealing too much cleavage.


For people whose fashion style is basically sexy or chic. Here is a perfect way to rock a sequin jacket and still look chic and sexy. Take note that she isn’t wearing any form of bling inner, instead, she is wearing a solid colored inner and pant in the form of black and that is the best way to rock a sequin. Whatever piece you are combining your fabric with should always be a solid color, not a patterned or sequinned piece. Sequins have enough glitz and bling attributes, so there should be minimal accessorizing. You would notice she has little or no jewelry and accessory. The glitz is enough accessory.

Subtle make up
Your make up shouldn’t speak too much volume and attention as the glitz of your sequin is doing that already.

Net sequins might require accessories as they would be underlined by a solid color linen in the form of satins or any other suitable materials. What other way to shut a party down!

Sequined pants and skirt scream a high level of class! She did not violate the rule of mixing sequins with solid colors here, but this time, she’s throwing it at us in white. No jewelry or neckpiece except the wristwatch and bracelet.

In as much as it would have made much more sense if the hair was made into a bun or doughnut instead of it touching the material, this isn’t bad too as it isn’t too elaborate either. Notice where her hair was wrapped and where her hair was short, we could focus on the dress very well without a share of attention between the dress and the hair and it was absolutely and totally beautiful!

Be like Toke! Rock sequins and rock them well!

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