What every girl wants her Man to wear


First impressions count for a lot. The way a man carries himself, the way he walks, and the way he chooses to present himself to the world will determine what kind of impact he makes on people. ESPECIALLY with women.

What every woman wants her man to know - Esther Adeniyi

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever found yourself walking over to a beautiful woman, and before you have even said a single word to her, she’s already turned her back to you, or has already displayed those dreaded signs that make it clear that she has ZERO desire to talk to you or be approached by you.WHAT DO THEY ACTUALLY WANT!!!

1) A Tux/Suit

There is nothing more frustrating than the effort us girls have to go through for college balls and guys just put on a suit and will always look a million times better. A guy’s chances triple when he puts on that tux and he doesn’t even realise it.

2) Levis, good. Board Shorts, bad.

A pair of jeans is essential for the male species. And, if they are tailored so they are not too baggy and not too tight you have the perfect combination. This is the sign of a man that truly takes care of himself.

3) Clean Socks

This may sound stupid but clean socks are a must. Especially if you are going for that converse and patterned/crazy socks look. So, they have got to be clean. And, for God’s sake fellas, make sure they’re matching.

4) Timberland Boots

I don’t know what it is. It could be the construction worker fantasy (if that is your fantasy?) or the fact that they look fairly slick. But there are very few women that would object to such a pair of boots on a man.

5) No Sandals. Strictly Flip Flops.

If you are going to the beach stick to flip flops, when sandals go wrong they go very wrong so keep it simple. Just remember; don’t run in those flip flops.

6) Plain White T-Shirt

A rugged, but tailored, pair of jeans with a plain, crisp white tee will have women weak at the knees. I don’t know if it is the simplicity or the fact that when white is done right it exudes wealth and classiness. Who knows really? But, add in a new haircut and their usual cologne and you can do no wrong.

7) Stick To Boxers

No Y Fronts or tighty whiteys. They freak women out and were not sure why. Just stick to boxers and we will all be happy.

8) Nice Runners

A nice, clean pair of runners will do you justice. Whether they are massive Jordan high tops or a pair of Vans, you will look slick and good to go.

9) Strong Personal Style

This is a tricky one because some of us women say we would love a man with strong personal style but then if they don’t dress the way we want we hate it. So, this really depends on what you are into I suppose? I guess it’s a blessing if you find a man with strong personal style and you love what they wear.

10) Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket can be a key item on a man or a woman. But when the right man wears one it can look unbelievable. Again, it depend on what style you are going for but this could be a fetish of many women out there.

11) Skinny Jeans

Some of you are licking your lips just thinking about it aren’t you? Because when a women loves those skinny jeans she will always force them on her other half. Some guys love them too so your match is out there somewhere.

12) No Asics Runners

When we were little boys and girls it was fine. They were neutral, affordable and good support for those gym classes. But now is not the time to throw them out. Just buy a pair with a bit more, what would we call it, maturity. If not, just pick another pair that are plain and preferably dark.

13) Not too many logos

The days when Destiny’s Child did logo on logo are long gone. Nothing with the brand stamped across the front. Keep it classy.

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  • Place a saucepan/pot over medium-high heat add the peeled beans, and water (double the beans content) boil until the beans soft, I mean very soft and all mushy. Remove the seeds from the peppers, rinse and blend with onion.

  • Add the cooked beans in a blender cup and pulse for a few minutes.

  • Sieve the blended beans. You can skip the blender step and just use the sieve if you choose not to use a blender. While sieving you can add hot water ( just a little bit) to allow easy sieve of the beans.

  • Place a large pot over medium-high heat and add palm oil to heat.

  • Add the iru (locust beans) and fry for a few seconds until it thickens.

  • Add the ground crayfish and stir.

  • Add the pepper and stir.

  • Add the fish and prawn if you’re using. Cook for a few minutes.

  • Add the sieved beans and combine them. Depending on the amount of liquid you added to the beans you might need to add some liquid if the content is too thick.

  • Continue to stir, add knorr (or any seasoning cube of your choice) and salt. Bring it to a rolling boil or cook until you have the consistency of your choice. Check the seasoning and adjust accordingly.

  • Gbegiri thickens up quickly so if that happens don’t panic, just add water and warm it.

  • Serve and enjoy!

  • How to dress after giving birth.


    1. Master the new form and shape you just acquired, know exactly the shape of the body you now posses, this will be a good guide in styling yourself and getting a new outfit that will look good for your new body shape.

    3. The shape of your clothes can help you cover the areas you dislike. If you feel your arms are too big, go for a really fitted or puff sleeve, avoid making your sleeves naked, or anything that will draw attention to your arms. If your belly is what you want to hide, wear loose clothing, especially around that area. If you have a problem with your bust, invest in good and quality push up bras, and if you have a problem with your bum, wear clothes that won’t reveal too much of your hips. If you want to hide your thighs, pleated, flare or gathered skirts are good for you, and also do well to avoid really tight clothing and if you want to hide your legs or knee, suit and straight pants are perfect for you.

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