News / Fashion moves too fast for stranded imports: retailers must discount or destroy


Germany’s fashion retailers may be forced to discount stock to avoid being flooded by a wave of imports, according to a new study.

Setlog said most were simply delaying the pick-up of import containers and the return of empty boxes, and found that last month, the average time for a container to make its way from an import terminal to consignee had doubled, from six days to 12.

Germany’s importers face similar issues to those across Europe and North America – a slew of goods arriving from Asia while the retail sector remains in lockdown, costing huge volumes of sales, which is expected to lead to a spike in inventory costs.

“Very few companies will be able to compensate for the losses that have been incurred so far,” said Setlog chief executive Ralf Duester.

He added that, as a result, he expected retailers to either bring forward their discounting seasons or even be forced to destroy goods.

“In the fast fashion sector, where collections change every few weeks, it is questionable whether goods will even be brought into the shops,” he said.

And even the extended free time given by ports to mitigate some cost increases could only help alleviate retailers up to a certain point, especially in Hamburg, where terminal operator HHLA is already looking for new off-dock storage spaces.

“A 40ft standard container will then cost up to €400 a day [once free time is up]. In the fast fashion sector with low margins, such high additional logistics costs make no commercial sense,” Mr Duester added.

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16 Basic Things Every Guy Should Own


To separate it in the most clear manner, here is a rundown of 16 things every guy should own.

1. Desert boots. We’ve said it before and we’ll state it once more; Desert boots are the most flexible yet unbiased shoes a cutting edge fellow can possess. The ribbon up shoes, including a level sole and a slight high-top over the lower leg, broadcast that tricky vibe between easygoing (for example shoes) and “extravagant” (dress shoes). Besides they come in customary calfskin just as canvas and can work with pretty much any jeans. Need we state more?

men shopping

2. Converse sneakers: Yes, almost everybody has them. There’s a purpose behind that. A basic pair of strong hued, low-top Speak All-Stars are easily easygoing, signal cool and are agreeable without being schlubby. Get a couple in naval force, dim dark, dark or even white if that is such a thing.

3. A leather watch: We couldn’t care less what number of computerized gadgets you need to reveal to you the time – a developed man wears a watch. Abstain from appearing to be excessively gaudy by picking a cowhide band in either earthy colored or dark, contingent upon which shading you wear most. (Not certain? Review your storage room and see whether your leather shoes and belts will in general be dark or earthy colored.)

4. A Navy suit. You likely wore a dark suit to your secondary school graduation, Jewish right of passage or your second-cousin’s wedding your mother constrained you to go to. Yet, as a developed man, leave the dark for burial services and go with ageless naval force. A naval force suit will compliment all skin tones, fit in at both laid-back and more proper occasions and give you unlimited opportunities for shirt-and-tie shading combos.

5. A gravy sport coat: When a suit is a smidgen too formal and a plain catch down won’t do, toss on a jacket with pretty much any jeans (pants, khakis, suit jeans of a differentiating shading) and you’re all set. Go with a dull dark, which will coordinate naval force, dark, earthy colored, khaki, denim…

6. A dim fleece jacket: Unless you’re sufficiently fortunate to live in, say, Florida, you will to wrap up eventually. Rather than a puffer coat, which ought to be saved for the ski incline, get a short fleece coat in either dim or naval force or camel (or dark, on the off chance that you demand) that hits directly beneath your hips. A twofold breasted pea coat works, as does a more easygoing duffle cover with flips. Simply ensure it isn’t excessively long – you’re not in the Grid.

7. Brown leather dress shoes: Yes, brown, not black. Indeed, a lighter camel shading is liked to a dim chocolatey earthy colored, since it will coordinate that navy suit impeccably (also the dim and khaki suits we trust are likewise in your assortment).

men shopping

8. A brown leather belt. To coordinate the shoes, obviously.

9. A simple dark tie: Suits don’t generally need ties (actually, we discover a suit combined with an apathetically unfastened at-the-neckline shirt rather appealing). In any case, you will require a tie, so you ought to have a go-to choice. Go with strong dim or dim red in case you’re traditional, a Repp tie (thick navy corner to corner stripes with a differentiating shading) in case you’re preppy and a minuscule, extremely curbed print in dull hues in case you’re brave (think gingham or miniature checks in impartial tones).

10. Dark, straight-legged, unembellished jeans: No tears, no tears (incidental or deliberate), no studs and no pre-blurring. No drooping in the butt, no batching around the lower legs and no looseness around the thighs. That is all we inquire.

11. Dull, straight-leg khaki pants:Same fit necessities as the pants, yet this time, in a dim khaki shading – not that stonewash, nearly dark shade of Dockers you wore at age 12. Go with a caramel or camel shade that will work with a dark game coat or red wool conservative the same.

12. A plain, strong hued hoodie: You will to wear a sweatshirt (like, each day), so make certain to have a pleasant one close by. That implies something marginally fitted that hits no lower than the hips with sleeves that aren’t excessively long. Gracious, and no logos or composing at all.

13. Plain, strong shaded crewneck t-shirts: Same thought as the hoodie – you’ll need to go easygoing, so ensure you have tee alternatives that don’t have the names of sports groups, frats or unfunny jokes composed on them.

14. A strong crewneck sweater: In cashmere, fleece or even cotton, a slim crewneck sweater is one of the most adaptable things you can claim. Wear it with pants and a shirt underneath with the sleeves pushed up, or attempt it with a conservative underneath for that preppy look, or simply toss it on with khakis or even suit pants for a simple, arranged appearance. We suggest light dark, naval force, beige or maybe maroon to supplement different neutrals in your storage room.

15. Strong shaded boxers briefs: Boys wear boxers, men wear boxers briefs. (Or on the other hand briefs, yet we’ve taken a profoundly informal study of straight ladies and the votes are in:boxers briefs > briefs.) Stock up on strong hues and, for hell’s sake, toss them out when they get openings in them.

men shopping