• Model Ashley Graham appeared on A Little Late Night with Lilly Singh.
  • She spoke to the late night host about how she gets horny while praying.
  • Graham explained that praying with her husband is both a spiritual and physical bonding experience.

Ashley Graham is known for many things: being on the cover of Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue  , her performance on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle , and her advocacy within the body-positive movement. As of last night, she’ll be known for one more thing: getting horny when she prays.

On a recent podcast, the model stated that prayer sometimes has the unintended effect of making her sexually excited. She didnt have the opportunity to elaborate, which is why Lilly Singh, on her new show A Little Late Night, gave the model an opportunity to explain.

Am I praying wrong? Singh asked.

Maybe you are, Graham replied before delving into the specifics.

Okay, so when [my husband] Justin and I have prayer nights together, because I like to do meditations and prayer, and so does he on his own, but then when we do it together, it just feels more powerful.

Graham continued, And in that power, when were praying its like and then she proceeded to make sexy nosies before saying, Oh, do you feel that?

The model continued, Its like the lights go down and the worship music goes and were, like hello! And the next thing you know, after we pray, cause, priorities, we rip it off!

Its a great bonding experience for both the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect, she concluded.

Singh, slightly flustered, replied by saying, I need to have a prayer night. She then pointed to the audience and joked, All these people just whispered, Should we go home and pray? before saying, That is lovely! I love that.