7 Things You Need to Know About Agbada as a GUY

These days, Agbada attire has changed game of fashion for men in Africa. There was a time, it was only left for the wealthy and was considered as a huge investment to make.  Gone are those days because anyone can make use of these attires. With smart fashion designers taking over the market, Agbada has become a piece of art.

The Head Gear

The head gear or cap that is worn is called Fila. Fila comes in different designs and colours.  It is important that you choose a cap colour that will not conflict with your Agbada’s colour.

Your Accessories

Your accessories are as important as you look. Your Agbada should not fit with your rings, necklaces, chains, wristwatch or cuff links. You will have to pick your accessories carefully to ensure that your outlook is extraordinary.


Agbada without starch is not complete. Every great Agbada comes properly starched. When an Agbada is not properly starched, it will make the wear look tiny inside the massive robe.  You and your Agbada should have a blend of closeness but, it can only happen if you starch it properly.

 The Trouser Length

Sokoto is the name of the Agbada’s trousers. The length of the trousers should be appropriate. Many people have their preference when it comes to the trousers; regular or fitted. However, whatever you choose, do not allow it cover your shoes or long enough for people to see it.

Protection and Packaging

You must learn to store your Agbada safely after you have collected it from your dry cleaner.  Ensure that it is far from dirt especially if it is white in colour.


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