3 ways to make your casual wear look sophisticated.


2) Get your make up in place.
This is not the time for nude make up, play with colors!. It actually takes a high level of professionalism to look sophisticated with a simple, subtle, and nude makeup. The contouring, highlighting, brows, lipstick, and others are ways of tending your face to a near-perfect sort of face. You shouldn’t just have a makeup on, have a quality makeup on your dace instead. Be careful not to go for fake products that can help damage your skin over time and also learn to remove your make up before retiring to bed every night.

3) Forget about flats! Wear heels instead.
Heels help to streamline your attire to a more stylish and sophisticated one. Not every attire go with heels, but the ones that do definitely have a way of making you look and appear sophisticated. What if I need to walk about? Should I sprain my ankle because I want to appear in the heels? Well, we might have to bend the rule a little here. You can actually put on those slippers and other flats, but make sure they are super decorated, colorful, and eye-catching. Examples include fur and feather slippers, boots, sneakers and other really attractive ones, which means you might have to forget about the neutrals(like black, grey, brown) and go for bright colors like pink, purple, pitch.

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