Hausa clothing styles for male


Ultimate Guide To Men's Native Wears | Styles Rules, What To Wear ... Despite the fact that every year there are new features in the fashion, native styles are still of great value. They are used in everyday life. It is a mistake to think that men give less attention to their appearance than women. They also want to be attractive and have a tremendous effect on people. Checkout Hausa clothing styles male designs. Peculiarities of Hausa fashion The Hausa tribe occupies the northern part of Nigeria. Mostly Muslims live here, which in many respects affects the local culture, in particular clothes.Hausa The idea of ​​Islam has left its imprint everywhere. The way of life of local men is mainly dictated by this religion and habitual way of life.

Hausa fashion

Having understood these features, we can proceed to study the most popular styles. Hausa native styles for male First of all, Hausa guys like Agbada styles like other Nigerian tribes. The only difference is that Hausa guys call such robes with wide sleeves Babban Riga which is translated as ‘King of Clothes’. It can reach the floor in length.


Given the royal name of this outfit, we can say with confidence that it is the best Hausa traditional attire for creating a manly and elegant image. You can get an aristocratic aura and feel self-confidence at any time.

Hausa clothing styles for male

For everyday use, shorter styles with folded sleeves are more suitable. You can go to work, walk with friends. Large creases of fabric will not interfere with your comfort. Also, you can always remove the bulky upper part and stay in the undershirt.

Babban Riga


The traditional accessory of the Hausa men is a round Fula cap. This element can be called the final detail that makes the native wears for guys just magnificent. Throughout the diameter, this headpiece is decorated with bright embroidery. If you chose a monochrome Babban Riga, such cap will be very useful.

Fula cap

The most vivid example of Fula fan in Nigeria is President Buhari. It is quite difficult to see the head of the country without this stylish accessory. He also often appears at important events in Babban Riga.

President Buhari

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