How to look chic and classy on a low and tight budget.


3) Avoid dresses with obvious logos. They are too noticeable and can get registered in people mind real quick. We would suggest neutral and solid colors.

4) Forget about trends
Fashion moves quickly, and the hottest new style today might be totally outdated in a few weeks. Focus instead on buying classic, versatile pieces that won’t go out of style. When you go shopping, choose pieces that never go out of style.

5) Go for multipurpose outfits.
Purchase versatile and multipurpose pants and skirts. Choose items that can appropriate for work, going out, and for special events. A dark-colored skirt, a flat pair of black shoes, a black pair of pants and jean trousers are wardrobe essentials that can serve for different occasions. Solid colored shirts and pants are extremely versatile, are easy to mix and match, so you’ll be able to make more outfits with fewer items.

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