Outfit ideas that will make you look taller.


1) High waisted outfit
Whether it is going to be an ordinary trouser, a palazzo pant or a denim jean, to appear taller, simply ensure that it is high waisted. This implies that it is staring directly from your waist. To give an obvious effect, ensure it is reaching down to your ankle and even more. This visually makes your leg appear taller. If you are plus sized or fat, you can do this is dark colors like black, brown and beige. To make it more noticeable, ensure that your pants and footwear are of the same color.

2) Pants or attires that flare out from the knee or waist.
It can actually be on the knee or before the knee. The point is to have an element of fabric flaring out. Boot cuts or fashion styles like a round flare or even an A-line cut will perfectly do justice to this. Dresses that flare out from the waist, reaching floor or ankle length like an empire cut dress can also make you appear taller.

3) Vertical stripes
To visually appear taller, forget about horizontally striped dresses. Horizontal patterns will only make you look fatter and this isn’t what we aim to achieve. Vertical stripes are just the best option for you. Halter necks, V necks and cowl necks will help to elongate your neck region and make your torso look a little bit longer.

4) Stilettos that show the top of the feet are the best for you. If you must go for flats, ensure that they are pointed shoes and ensure that the shoes that matches your skin color. No crime having your heels pointed also. Feel free to shop platform shoes also.

5) Short hairs that do not touch your shoulders will also make you look taller. The shorter the hair, the taller you appear! Hair inspirations include bulbs, fringes or even low cuts. But be careful, lest they make your head look smaller.

6) Monochromatic outfits, tops that do not touch your hip line and slim belts are also topnotch ideas to appear taller.

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