9 ways to avoid a visible pant line.


Visible panty lines (VPLs) can be really annoying! Do not give up yet! Here are some suggested ways to avoid them.

1) Avoid skin-clinging clothing. Extremely tight clothing will always bring out a panty line. If you love to wear skirts, consider wearing a loose-fitting style that will not show panty lines as much.

2) Choosing the right panties by making sure they are not too tight, or else they will dig in to your skin and cause panty lines. If you also go for an underwear that is too loose, it can easily wrinkle up inside your clothes, showing wrinkles and bumps. To avoid this, you can go for thongs.

3) Thongs simply don’t have the lines to show, making them the ideal panty line-free choice. G-strings are also good options because they have even less fabric than thongs, so they will help in minimizing panty lines.

4) If you hate thongs, there is another alternative! Boys shorts! Boy shorts extends downwards towards your thighs but be careful to be more cautious with boy shorts than you do with thongs because they do not completely erase the visibility of a panty line.

5) Look for seamless panties. Elastic and spandex panties are very good for a seamless look, but they are not breathable which makes it not suitable for an undergarment due to our feminine health. Cotton fabrics are not seamless because the fabric is too thick.

6) You can opt for shapewears too, because they can extend to your mid thigh, so there will not be a panty line. You can wear panties under your shapewear or not, depending on what you want. If you just want to smooth out your butt, upper thighs, and/or lower stomach, you can buy panty-style shapewear.

7) Tights and pantyhose are also good options. Wear a pair under your clothing. You do not need to wear underwear under your tights or pantyhose if you don’t want to. You can buy high-waisted styles if you want some coverage over your stomach, although tights will never give you as much control as shape wear.

8) Choose thicker fabrics. Pants and skirts made from thick, textured fabrics are much less likely to show panty lines than silky, clingy fabrics. Rear pockets also adds extra fabric to the seat of your pants, so they may also help hide panty lines.

9) Opt for prints and patterns. The trick here is that you use the print to distract the eyes from the visible pant lines. Which means that they do not totally eradicate the pantline, instead, the disguise them. It’s a good idea to check for panty lines in the mirror before you go out.

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