How to look good in Sunglasses.


First and foremost, you should look at what styles of glasses work on your face shape, but you should also consider your haircut and color, your skin tone, and your personal style.

Choose a pair of frames based on your face shape. Once you know your face shape, you should look at frames that will complement your face shape.

Avoid round glasses and frames for a round face. If you have a round face, you should go for eyeglasses that are square or rectangle to contrast the roundness of your face. Avoid rimless frames also as all these will only make your face look rounder.

Go for wide frames and geometric frames if you have an oval-shaped face. You should look for frames that have a strong bridge and are wider than the broadest part of your face. Also avoid glasses that are big framed, oversized and cover up more than half of your face.

For an oblong face, go for glasses with longer frames. Choose frames that have more depth than width that has decorative elements on the sides of the frames and a low bridge. Totally avoid round frames or small frames completely.

For a triangle face, choose cat-eye, shaper framep or wide frames .Highlight the narrow upper third area of a base-down face with frames that have color and detailing on the top of the frames. You can also try cat-eye shaped frames.

If you have a diamond shaped face, you should look for cat-eye glasses or oval frames. These frames will play up your narrow forehead and chin and accentuate your cheekbones. Avoid loose or narrow frames.

If you are square shaped faced, look for eyeglasses that sit high on the bridge of their nose and have oval or round frames. You should avoid angular and boxy frames that will draw attention to your square face, go for round glasses that will help break that square shape.

Choose a frame color that complements your skin tone or eye color. Your skin tone should take precedence, rather than your eye color or your hair color.

Other factors to consider when choosing your glasses include your eyebrow, hairstyle, make up, wardrobe style and personal fashions style. Cat-eye frames would work well for a vintage style, semi-round frames works best for a preppy style environment. If your style is more vintage and a little alternative, you might choose glasses with a round rim, but for an executive look, you might choose a square frame.  Conservative frames are often the best choice if you are working in a serious business environment. Oval, rectangle, and almond frames work well for a professional style. Avoid frames in bright colors or unusual shapes unless you work in a casual environment.

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