Stop being matchy-matchy! A Basic Guide


Matchy-Matchy is an adjective used to describe something or someone that is very or excessively colour coordinated. It is a term that is commonly used in fashion blogs to describe an outfit that is too coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colors, patterns, fabrics, accessories, etc. (Wikipedia)

Instead of being too matchy, here are some suggestions for you.
If you are wearing prints, patterned or floral shoes in any color, your bag should be a plain color of that same color. If your dress is in prints or pattern, your bag and shoe should be in a plain color.
Go for shoes that are one shade darker than your outfit. This color contrast between the shoes and the dress will only make sense if the shoe color matches the color of the accessories. So, SHOULD YOUR SHOES AND BAG MATCH? Not necessarily. Your shoes and bag don’t have to exact copies of one another but they definitely shouldn’t clash.

For your shoes,
With multicolored dresses, wear black shoes (if the colors on the dress are dark) or white if the colors on the dress are bright. Brown dresses will actually match red shoes while black dresses match well with shoes of any color.

In essence, your shoe, bag, dress and accessory shouldn’t be of a color. Utilize your neutral colors well. Neutrals are colors that work well with all other colors. They are impossible to clash. Examples of neutral colors are: black, white, grey, navy, brown (including camel, khaki, beige, etc). Navy and brown are not technically neutrals, but work so well with such a high number of colors, they are considered as such in the world of fashion.

Instead of neutrals, you can opt for metallic colors like silver and gold, plus a matching jewelry, and you are good to go!

Going on this romantic type of vacation can be the best move you ever make in your relationship.

On a baecation you can forget about work and focus on being with the love of your life. You get to relax your nerves, talk deeply, share dreams and ideas, engage in games, companionable silence and every other romantic thing partners do.

On a baecation you can forget about work and focus on being with the love of your life[Credit: Dean Mitchell/ Getty]On a baecation you can forget about work and focus on being with the love of your life[Credit: Dean Mitchell/ Getty]

2. See their true colours

If you go away for maybe a week or more, chances are that you can see multiple sides of them. What he/she looks like in the morning, how their morning moods are, how they react to situations, and other pet-peeves or major turn offs you might not have known they had.

Truth is, knowing them more will help you love them even better.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="520"] You get to relax and clam your nerves [Credit: Shutterstock][/caption]

3. Decide your soulmate

The things you see on this type of trip could cement your opinion of that guy as the man you really want to spend the rest of your life with, or it could raise major questions in your heart and make you mighty doubtful of their suitability to the kind of married life you dream of.



Style “rules” exist for a reason. They inform and guide the current generation using techniques and styles that have worked well in the past. Much of the time, they ensure that younger folks at least try to look their best.

It suggests a level of exactness that’s too particular — fussy, even. And besides, no one is paying such close attention to the colour of your leathers, anyway.

RULE #3: Always wear socks with trousers.

The necessity of socks is greatly exaggerated. The sockless summer look has been around so long now, it’s a staple in the spring issues of men’s fashion magazines.

Socks are no longer required unless you’re actually dressing up. Just make sure you have something on your feet.

RULE #4: Always wear a belt if your trousers have belt loops.

Men’s clothing is, above all, rooted in purpose and utility. The pockets and adornments on clothing are either useful or vestigial, but they always derive from some sort of work or military purpose. Examples of that include shoulder epaulettes and ticket pockets. We can now add belt loops to that list.

It’s 2017 — belts are now a choice. If your pants fit properly, they aren’t going to fall down without a belt.

RULE #5: Match your trousers to your socks.

Many are unaware of this hyper-conservative style rule. Decades ago, the rules used to call for black socks with black trousers, navy socks with navy trousers, and grey socks with grey trousers. The idea behind it was this: If the socks and trousers blended together into the same colour, it would make the man appear taller.

This didn’t always work, and men grew tired of this matching rule in our more sartorially adventurous times. The rule has mostly been forgotten. Good riddance.

RULE #6: Never wear pleated trousers.

Don’t let this one throw you for a loop. While it has been menswear gospel for the past decade that pleats are generally unflattering, they are starting to make a comeback. But as with most retro trends now on the upswing, it’s very easy to do pleats wrong.

Choosing single pleats and making sure the fit is perfect will go a long way in making sure these aren’t confused with your dad’s favourite old pants

RULE #7: Never wear black with blue or brown.

Men were told not to wear black with brown or navy because of old-fashioned suiting rules — rules that date back many, many decades.

No one pays any attention to these rules anymore, so you shouldn’t pay attention to this byproduct of them, either.

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