Shaw really stepped out of his strongman comfort zone when he invited former Navy SEAL Sean Rosario for a . Before they get to that main event, though, Shaw reveals hes actually set up a four-part competition. The two first square off in a test of grip strength, racing their way through deadlifting progressively heavier weights; one of Shaws weights, he reveals, has only ever been lifted by five men.

Its a close match, but Shaw pulls out the win. The second challenge is a 500-meter sprint on a rowing machine. Afterward both men look winded, but Shaw again takes the crown. Then they finally arrive at the pullup challenge, with Shaw going first. Despite being over 400 pounds, he does manage six reps. Rosario, at 205, cranks out 20as Shaw says, its not an exercise where bodyweight is an advantage.

Shaws fourth and final challenge is a cold bath, performed in a hot tub. Shaw explains that he uses this type of session for recovery, alternating between a cold bath and his actual hot tub. He says the back-and-forth creates a mental challenge almost as much as tough as the physical ones. Despite the temperature, both men chat amiably submerged in near freezing water. The final challenge? A draw!