Clothing and Rape.


‘We lighten the crime by calling the reason mentally unstable’

Dr Zobaiyda Nasreen, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Dhaka said: “Five-year-old children are being raped. Can we really blame clothes for crimes like that? There was a time when women in this country did not even wear blouses with saris. The rate of sexual harassment was much lower back then. How can outfits be the reason behind rape then? “Women were sexually harassed during Hajj. When a child is sexually harassed, we label the criminal as mentally unstable. We make light of the crime when we do this. The enormity of such an act is lessened when the criminal is not held fully responsible. In a recent case, the Beauty rape and murder, we can clearly tell that the crime was related to power. She tried so hard but she was unable to survive in the end.”


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