Philippe Perzi Long sleeved shirts with shorts


But how to pull off such a casual look without looking sloppy? Easy. Check out our guide to wearing long sleeved shirts and shorts.


When we say it’s time to get shorty, we aren’t referring to shorts higher than mid-thigh and we’re definitely talking tailored, not tight. Give a wide berth to anything baggy or that resembles cargo shorts and keep detailing like large pockets, pleats etc. to the bare minimum. Fabrics such as linen, chino and seersucker are classics and will certainly hold their own in smart casual summer settings.


Obviously neutral colours like beige, white, navy or grey are safe and will go with most things in your wardrobe, but given the warmer weather, wearing pops of colour such as green, yellow and red will really make a statement. If you’re going to wear shorts, do it with panache.


To complete the polished look, you should definitely wear a belt. This isn’t the occasion to wear that black or brown belt you’d ordinarily wear with a suit. There’s a plethora of stylish casual belts out there from elasticised woven or braided belts to canvas and they come in a wide variety of colours to complement your ensemble.


The idea of wearing a long sleeved shirt with shorts might seem counterintuitive. I mean, why wear long sleeves when the idea is to cool down?

Of course you can wear a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt with shorts, but for a polished look, try a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. If you’re wearing a good quality shirt made from 100% Egyptian cotton

Trick 2:
Match primary colors with other primary colors. Red, yellow, and blue always harmonize. These colors are bold and eye-catching, and they never really go out of style.

Trick 3:
Consider neutral colors. They tend to be muted colors which include: brown, cream, white, grey, and slate (grayish blue) fall into this category. These are natural, muted colors that match most other colors. They will usually always go together with any color. In fashion, blue denim often is treated as a neutral. When you are deciding what neutrals match your color palette, you need to take color temperature into account. Cool neutrals include a bright white or a blue-black. Warm neutrals include brownish-grey or cream, off-white wall may have an undertone of yellow, for instance.

Trick 4:

Try a monochrome look.  The classic monochrome look is an all-black or all-white outfit, a sophisticated choice that lends an air of dressiness to your outfit. You can also try a monochrome look in a brighter color, like red or green. The key to making a monochrome look work is finding items in the exact same color. Wearing a bright white top with cream pants is going to clash. To make a monochrome outfit look less extreme, break it up with some neutrals, like beige heels or a brown belt. Another way to spice up a monochromatic look is by wearing an accent color.

Top 10 apparels needed this summer .


This color is typically everything, it makes your skin pop without even doing too much.

5. A basic top and Jean

Might be basic but very stylish. Apparels like these never go out of fashion and also comfortable.

6. Mini bag

A mini bag is basically one thing that completes the entire look.

7. A power suit

I know summer is all about events and vacations ,but still a power suit can be a powerful way to walk into Ann event and look outstanding especially if it’s monochrome or same shade of a particular color.

8. Bikini

It’s summer , definitely going to be a lot of pool parties , beach events etc.

9. Black dress

Okayyy, as a lady we know how we all have to have a black dress in our wardrobe it’s a necessity. One thing you are sure can never go wrong when styling.

10. A shift dress

This dress can be easily worn and it’s very comfortable, considering the hot weather this is a go to apparel.

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