Missy, Elizabeth, and Aaron have apologized following the total mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations on Wednesday night’s episode of 

Survivor .

Part 2 of my apology. #survivor pic.twitter.com/471nRAfdC1 Aaron Meredith (@ACM_Fitness)

Missy’s apology came nextshe apologized for getting too caught up in the game.

“I did not realize a very serious situation, nor did I handle it with the care it deserved…I was viewing the game with a small lens and with a limited scope,” she wrote.

pic.twitter.com/yIyLneCWYF Missy Byrd (@themissybyrd)

In Elizabeth’s apology, she said that the experience has changed how she’ll act in the future: “Survivor has been a life-changing experience and I have learned so much. I hope this moment does not define me, but instead will help inform who I am as a person going forward.”