Are you looking for a trendy new men’s haircut or cool men’s hairstyle to update your look? Read on.

This top 100 haircuts list is packed with the best fresh hair ideas for men to try out right now.

In this guide, we will help you find a brand new hairstyle to try out. These are the best hairstyles for men and haircuts to get right now.

Scroll down to find every type of haircut for men you could get, as well as all the different styles of fades your barber can give you.

Find the latest trends in fade haircuts, modern undercuts, pompadours in different lengths and styles, classic men’s haircuts, cool comb-over haircuts, and the most popular of quiffs and crop haircuts.


The most notable trend right now is messy, textured, longer hair on top haircuts and hairstyles.

However, there are more options for guys than ever before. Stay fresh, stay cool. Mix and match features, hair length, part vs no part, or fade vs tapered haircut looks.

At the moment we are seeing men’s haircuts that show off longer hairstyles with movement and flow. If you have long hair or are thinking about growing it out, check out our ultimate guide to long hair for men.

The trends are more natural-looking men’s hairstyles that are styled with lighter hold and matte finish pomades. You can also use a blow dryer to get some exaggerated flow and extra volume to your hairstyle.

Although the trend is leaning towards longer hair and medium-length men’s haircuts we have included some of our top picks for guys that want short hair. Short men’s haircuts are always popular because they are easy to manage and look clean cut.

Some of these looks are fade haircuts which means your barber uses clippers to shave the sides and back of the head. Others are entirely scissor cut all over including the sides and back.


Quiff haircut for men with textured hair and high fade

This haircut features messy longer textured hair on top with short shaved sides. A modern take on the undercut. This messy undercut fade haircut works great with thick hair.







Modern Slicked Back Men’s Haircut

Modern slicked back men's hairstyle

Ruben Djirlauw

A great example of a classic slicked back look. But here the hair on top is left a bit more natural looking. This is not the traditional approach of styling with a shiny pomade. Rather the hair has been brushed back and blown dry with a hair dryer to give that natural flow and movement. Use a matte pomade.







Side Part Hairstyle For Men

Side part hairstyle for men

Paul Preshaw

A great looking men’s hairstyle with a side part. To get this look you will want to use a product that has a bit of shine. Work a small amount of a shiny pomade into damp hair. Comb into place. To get some extra body use a blow dryer.






 Longer Natural Flow Hairstyle + Short Sides

Short sides long on top haircut for men


This has been one of the most popular men’s haircuts for several years. Shaved sides. Long hair on top. You need to use a blow dryer to get the tall big hair standing up on top. A great look for any type but works best with thicker hair types.









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