Did you know these about Scents and Fragrances?


1. Our own body odor depends on many factors like food, diet, metabolism, genes, level of stress, and others.

2. There are different types of perfumes which you might not have heard before. Hair perfumes, Mouth perfumes, balm/solid perfumes, edible perfumes, baby perfume and lots more

3. As a result of evolution, women have a better sense of smell than men.

4. Odors are very easy to memorize and are often connected with other memories. At later date, we can remember those memories and even emotions that we had then just by smelling the same odor.

5. A certain smell can be remembered with 65% accuracy after a year while a picture can be remembered with 50% after three months.

6. Lime is a good natural deodorant, and a deodorant shouldn’t be mistaken for a perfume.

7. Perfume isn’t great for your hair. Many perfumes contain alcohol, which can cause dryness if applied frequently.

8. Fragrance and scents can alter the mood you are in. They also contain pheromones, which can aid attraction.

9. The Men’s fragrances aren’t just for men..There is little inherently masculine or feminine about a particular scent, your preference is all that matters.

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