What is Monochromatic Outfit?


What is a monochromatic outfit?
A common misconception is that monochrome dressing means wearing black and white. No, it is actually far from that. Here is what it means:

Monochromatic means

Mono = One
Chromatic = Colour

It doesn’t mean wearing the same color from head to toe. Don’t make your assumptions yet!
Literally, monochromatic dressing can actually imply wearing the same color from head to toe, but technically it means more.
It means more because you can not imagine yourself wearing a red top, a pair of red trousers, a red shoe and a red cap, all in the same shade. It sounds really crazy.

On the other hand, it can actually mean wearing the same color from head to toe, only that it makes sense when it is done in different shades, tone, and tints of a particular color, yes, of just one particular color.

Color + black = Tint.
Color + white = Shade.
Color + grey = Tone.

This is the technical meaning of monochromatic.  Many people think it means exactly the same color head to toe, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter what color you choose, if you mix shades and tints of that color, it will always work together.

Cop this style if you are petite in nature, or you just want to appear slimmer and taller. Dressing monochromatically can make you appear taller and slimmer because the outfit is creating one seamless line from head to toe

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