What You need to know about Perfumes and Body sprays.


The ONLY difference between PERFUMES and BODY SPRAYS is just COMPOSITION.

It is thus composition that dictates what goes in it and determines how it appears like, whether liquid or gaseous, how long it lasts and how much it costs.9 Best Body Sprays For Men That Smell Good For A Long Time (2020)

  1. Perfumes are made with more concentrated materials than body sprays, and as such, their fragrance travels farther and lingers longer than body spray.
  2. Perfumes do have a high percentage of Fragrance Oil and then some alcohol,… While body sprays are mostly comprising of a larger percentage of alcohol diluted in water, with only as little as 2–3% of Fragrance Oil.
  3. Perfumes are a lot more expensive : Owing to the fact that the process of assembling the concoction that makes up a nice perfume,the right blend of scents and concentrated fragrance oils,takes a lot more time and resources, they are a lot more expensive.
  4. Perfumes lasts a whole lot longer than body sprays : Due to the formula that goes into their creation, the fragrance oil is meant to stick to the body and fades away slowly…. Unlike the night percentage mixture of alcohol and water,which of course, evaporates within just an hour or two… Whereas perfumes so last between 5–9hrs and for some higher concentrated pure perfumes, it’ll last all through a whole day, as it unfolds it’s different notes… Most body spray users are compelled to leave home with their sprays in their bags, because regular replication is needed if you want to keep protecting it’s fragrance all day long.
  5. Lastly, perfumes are liquid, while body sprays are gaseous MIST… this is why they are also referred to as BODY MISTS, further explaining why they do evaporate a whole lot faster than perfumes.…….(although it’s cheaper to go the way of Body Mists/Sprays, it’s also notable that the bottle gets exhausted a whole lot faster too, due to it’s constant need f reapplication in other to carry through a day,which in turn, also does pose another danger if it’s overdone, as it’ll begin to feel uncomfortable and overpowering even to it’s wearer, and might even lead to choking sensations and cough in extreme cases.
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