How to rock a monochromatic outfit(Part 2)


My favorites are metallic colored accessories. This includes silver, gold, aluminum, and the likes. Anyways, do not be like me always. You can opt for accessories with the same color of your outfit and they can be in different shades and tints.

Print out your color wheel palette.
This is the best way to have a color palette without having to do a series of trial and errors on your outfit before deciding which is suitable to wear, it wastes time. An added advantage is that they are super affordable, usually less than a dollar. All you need do is check out the one that will be suitable for your online and just print it out, as simple as that! You can take them along with you when you wanna go for outfit shopping. This will guide you in picking wears that will match what you have in your closet already. This is not stressful, I promise.

Do not forget the colors that suit you best.
It’s important to select a color that looks great against your skin tone, eye, and hair. This is surely the best colors that will look best on you. There is more to it though, simply read more about it here.

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