Why is Lavender oil important(Part 2)


💥Lavender is a great aid in treating insomnia and restlessness. It is also stress-relieving. Lavender tea has been known to help with nausea and stomach upset as well as easing internal gas.

💥Lavender oil can mess with the hormones of younger boys and may cause gynecomastia. Gynecomastia causes breast tissue in males to increase and this can cause body dysmorphia or psychological distress.

💥Due to its calming effects, Lavender is a spiritual healer and purifier. It is an aphrodisiac. The burning of lavender flowers, or of lavender oil, should cleanse your spirit and ease your soul. It will help to cure heartbreak and eases sadness. It is believed to also have protection-providing properties.

💥Lavender oil deep conditions the hair, keeps it shiny, and helps control dandruff and lice. It is advised to mix with a carrier oil or your prescribed hair cream before usage.

💥Lavender is great for the skin. It soothes eczema and dry skin and also excellent for acne and face wrinkles. You can also use it on your lips for moisture and hydration.

  • New York City-based fashion designers Christian Siriano and Naeem Khan, and clothing companies Rag and Bone and Eileen Fisher, have started making coronavirus masks.
  • They are answering the call to New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plea to businesses to pitch in with personal protective equipment for health-care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • The federal government is now advising everyone to wear a mask, rather than limiting the advisory to people who are sick.
Protective masks for sale are displayed in a store in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on April 2, 2020 in New York City.
Protective masks for sale are displayed in a store in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on April 2, 2020 in New York City.

As the fight against the coronavirus continues, states are emphasizing the shortage of personal protective equipment for their health-care and front-line workers. Companies like AppleAB Inbev and LVMH have been pivoting their business models to help produce or donate equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer. And on a local level, small business is lending a hand as well. In New York City, that effort includes the work of fashion designers.

Shortages of PPE continue to hinder New York’s ability to properly care for coronavirus patients. In response, the state set up a resource page so that small businesses and individuals in the state can contribute to the state’s lack. On Thursday, during his daily coronavirus update, Gov. Andrew Cuomo reiterated the need for businesses to help with PPE and said the state would pay for the equipment.

“I ask businesses to think about the situation we’re in and the possible opportunity,” Cuomo said. “If you can do it, it’s a business opportunity, it’s a state need, it’s a national need. … We’re not asking for a favor; we’ll finance what you need in terms of transitioning, and we’ll buy the product, and I will pay a premium, because we need it.”

Scared of color? Don’t be. A bold hue can feel as effortless as jeans and a button-down, as long as you know where to start (yes, even if 90 percent of your wardrobe is black). So next time you’re unsure how to work color into your routine, channel one of these nine timeless combinations and you’ll be good to go.



Navy is basically a neutral, and while it would certainly look nice with just about anything in your wardrobe, a bright yellow really helps it pop.


Bold red tones down the Barbie vibes, while sweet pink balances the sexy factor. The end result? A perfectly femme combo we want to wear all year longwoman wearing cobalt and turquoise


Cobalt and turquoise are perhaps the best blues to pair together, because they’re both bright and rich without feeling overpowering.


Safe? Maybe. Sleek. You betcha. Navy’s cool undertones are a superb balance to warm beige, for an effect that’s office- or country-club ready.


Though this one-two-punch is not for the faint of heart, it’s also a fabulous duo that works every single time. These two bright hues have a decidedly French feel when worn together, and always look expensive—even if you snagged them at H&M.


Both colors bring to mind sunny days and blooming gardens, but together they become a vibrant sunset that’s sure to turn heads.


Delicate dove gray tones down the precious nature of powder pink, and helps it feel appropriate, even in colder months.


Your grandmother might drop her jaw, but it’s time we toss out the old-school rule about never wearing black with blue. Together, they add major visual depth and allow you more fun and liveliness than going full-on monochromatic.


Turns out Superman was really onto something. These two vivacious colors make for one powerful dream team with an authoritative effect. There you go, off to save the world.

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