Former first lady of the Unites States, Michelle Obama was at Essence Fest over the weekend and had several gems to drop about a number of topics during her sit down with Gayle King.

According to the former FLOTUS, equality is actually what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship; and equality between partners is deeper than purses and surely more extensive than what someone shows you in the early days of the relationship.

“Equality is not just measured in terms of the wallet. Equality is in terms of the value that they carry.

Honesty is the beginning, the middle, and the end. I wouldn’t want to be bothered with someone I couldn’t trust on a day-to-day basis. It’s not just about how much money they make or title. Someone could have the right salary, but the wrong heart,” she says.

Mrs. Obama also had something to say about sex and engagement in the intimate act.

When the conversation shifted to having great sex at every age, she said she isn’t opposed to it in any way.

“Yes. I support that principle,” she laughed. “I mean, come on Gayle! What I’m ‘supposed to say to that? ‘No, I take issue with that?’ Yes, Gayle, the answer is yes!”

Michelle Obama, rocking her natural curls and a chic navy blue, belted, shimmery jumpsuit, also dropped some more gems on healthy living, the difficulty of women putting themselves first at any time, and also discussed issues off her memoir, ‘Becoming.’