How to take care of your eyelashes(Part 1)


Your eyelashes are one of your most striking features as they provide an instant lift to your eye makeup and also frame your eyes beautifully. But, for some people, this isn’t so easy.

For various reasons ranging from advancement in age or perhaps an underlying medical condition, one’s eyelashes can either begin to fall or thin out.

Your eyelashes protect your eyes. They protect your eyes from irritation or infection from foreign objects and moisture. Your lashes help protect your delicate eye area from the elements, including pollution, dirt, and pollen in the air, as well as the chance for foreign objects to enter your field of vision.

Here are some mistakes you might be making with your eyelashes.

📌You’re obsessed with waterproof mascaras

If you’ve ever tried to remove waterproof mascara, you know it’s certainly not easy as it often require excessive rubbing and scrubbing to get every last lash clean. Why not save your favorite waterproof mascara for special occasions, because daily use can stiffen lashes, weighing them down and drying them out, thus increasing the chance for breakage.

Stromberg said “Over time, vigorous removal can tug and pull on your lash line, causing them to weaken and break. Instead, opt for a tubing mascara containing flexible polymers which require only warm water to remove.” Give your lashes a break by going makeup-free as often as possible. Your lashes will be happy with you.


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