5 Reasons Why More Guys Should Wear Ripped Jeans


“Did you trip?”

A new fashion line called the Avel X Matteo, for example, launched pretty recently – with carefully curated wearable, elastic, and comfortable ripped jeans. The best thing about these jeans is that you can wear them, and easily transition from day to night! They’re perfect to wear anytime and anywhere!

3. They are easy to mix and match.

A man can mix and match, be creative, and just be bold with his fashion choice when wearing ripped jeans. Be unusual. Make it look good. It’s all up to you. Thinking of going for a basic look with a plain white shirt and trainers? Ripped jeans can complete the look and even add a bit of spunk! Always wanted to try a grunge style? Denim can hold the outfit together and give you the style you’re aiming for. The fact is that ripped jeans conveniently go with everything.

2. They give you a new fashion choice.

If you’re not a fan of ripped jeans, it’s okay. One way or another, though, you’re gonna want to resist traditional ideas of what fashion is (simple and comfortable), and wear something new – like ripped jeans! When you’re ready to give ripped jeans a try, be sure to embrace them fully and wear them with confidence!

1. They will make you comfortable in your own skin.

Arguments about ripped jeans being only for “females” is not an unheard opinion. In fact, it’s the same reason why some men hesitate wearing them.  Tap into your inner rebel and don’t let what other people say get to you. It’s all about how you feel and look while wearing your clothes. So if wearing ripped jeans will make you sexier, hotter, and 2x more fashionable, don’t be afraid to give it a go! You want more holes in your pants? BIG DEAL. Be comfortable in your skin.

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