How to take care of your eyelashes(Part 2)


đź“ŚDo not use an expired eye makeup.
Makeup does expire, even if it still looks great in their packaging months or years after you purchased them. Always do a thorough clean-out of your makeup bag, it is very important. Expired mascara is particularly bad due to its liquid formula. Liquids increase the chance of bacteria growth, in turn potentially introducing your eyes to infection, while also causing your lashes to weaken, or worse: break off. So how often should you replace your eye makeup? Two or three months is just fine and okay. Same goes for anything liquid or cream-based, including eyeliners and shadows.

đź“ŚStop sharing your makeup.
Sharing makeup seriously ups your risk for infection. If the person has had a recent eye infection, or if the mascara in question is old or expired, there’s a good chance you’re exposing your lashes to some seriously icky bacteria.

đź“ŚStop sleeping with makeup on.
This can clog your pores and dry out your lashes. Wearing mascara overnight (with your face pressed against the pillow) further dries out lashes. I will suggest you remove your make up with a night shower instead of wipes and clothes that might not clean it up effectively.

đź“ŚYou’re rubbing your eyes.
The eyes are too delicate to rub. Rubbing your eyes is extremely irritating to your entire eye, but especially lashes, as you can accidentally rip some of them off. You should generally avoid touching your eyes as much as you can. If you’re experiencing itching or irritation, chat with an optometrist or your doctor to find out what’s causing the itches and how you can clear it up.



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