How to take care of your eyelashes(Final Series)


đź“ŚStop removing false lashes the wrong way. Loosen the lashes with a Q-tip and oil-based cleanser. Use as little glue as possible, because too much glue just sticks to your eyelids, hardening and weakens your real lashes. Don’t sleep in them, don’t pluck them out and gently use a Q-tip with an oil-based cleanser to loosen the lashes. Pull from the middle of the falsie outward to protect yourself from any sort of damage. Also, don’t use heated eyelash curlers on them, because their synthetic material can melt the false onto your skin, clogging pores and making them next to impossible to remove. Make sure to store false lashes properly if they’re not the disposable kind, and avoid sharing them.

đź“ŚStop trying trendy lash treatments. This is dangerous because eyelash treatments involve chemicals. Be careful of things like lash tinting, lash extensions, and serums designed to help them grow. These new lash ideas expose your lashes and eyeballs to chemicals, which might not be safe for the health of lash hairs and the skin around them. Even if they are safe, they could cause irritation or an allergy to some components, which is really dangerous. Always research any new products or treatments before you try them, and always go to a trusted expert for any beauty or skincare procedures. You should do everything you can to protect the integrity of your eyelashes, and that include being extra cautious.


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