How to properly wear your jean(Final Series)


📌Find the perfect jean for your body shape
Examples of Jeans include midrise cropped jean, mom jeans, high waited jeans, ripped jean, ripped high waisted jean, skinny jeans, knee ripped jeans, black jeans, blue jeans and so on. Remember to always look stylish, you have to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing and your clothes must really have a maximal fit on your body. Also remember, smaller pockets make your bum bigger and bigger pockets make your bum smaller, so, pick wisewear.

📌Aim for comfort.
Do not wear a jean because you have to. Wear it because you feel feel comfortable wearing it. There is a way being comfortable in what you wear makes you highly magical. It is truly magical. You know, of course, that confidence is the new sexy, and surely the best attire you can ever do yourself the favour of wearing. So, always be comfortable with what you wear.

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