How to contour your Nose


Rhinoplasty is one among the foremost sought-after cosmetic procedures among ladies in our region; however what if I told you that there square measure natural ways that to urge a slimmer nose through easy exercises? I’m not talking regarding twenty minutes of cardio at the gymnasium, however rather numerous nose-shaping exercises that you simply will do reception to bit by bit alter the looks of your standout feature. Here, we have a tendency to highlight the way to get a slimmer nose—no sweating or surgery needed. move and check out these nose exercises to form it sharp.


Grasp the bridge of your nose together with your thumb and forefinger. Use your alternative forefinger to push the tip of your nose upwards. Then, pull your higher lip down and unharness to exert pressure downwardly against your forefinger. Repeat ten times, so relax.


This exercise conjointly helps to make the muscles that square measure on the edges of your nose. All you have got to try to to is smile, and push the tip of your nose upwards together with your forefinger. For best results, perform this exercise twenty to thirty times on a daily basis.

3. TO turn YOUR NOSE

First build associate degree “O” form together with your mouth. Next, victimization your index fingers, gently push your nostrils halfway in order that you’ll be able to still breathe through your nose. research at the ceiling, and respire through your nose whereas flaring your nostrils. so as to envision results, repeat this exercise multiple times on a daily basis.

The Efik is an ethnic group primarily located in southeastern Nigeria, in the southern part of Cross River state. They make up a significant number of the Calabar people, they generally speak the Efik language and their signature soup is ‘Edikang Ikong’. The Efik people have an interesting culture that unfortunately most people don’t know about.

The Ekombi Dance

The Efik might be a minority tribe, but there’s definitely nothing minor about their rich cultural heritage. One of the ways this rich cultural heritage manifests is through the Ekombi dance, a colourful dance that is beautiful, precise and said to be a rhythmic adaptation of the movement of sea waves.


Efik was one of the earliest Nigerian languages with its original orthography devised in 1812 by King Eyo Nsa Honesty. It was one of the first three Nigerian languages to be codified with its own orthography and grammar. It was also one of the first Nigerian languages used in translating the Holy Bible.

The Fattening Room

The famous Fattening Room practice is another interesting cultural feature associated with the Efik people. Here, virgins were overfed, massaged and made to sleep for hours to become the perfect robust bride. It’s an all-round training and beauty therapy carried out over a period of time to prepare the lady for marriage and womanhood. A modified version of this is still practiced today considering today’s ‘fit fam’ frenzy.

The Love of Edikang Ikong

The Edkiang Ikong is a mouth-watering nutritious vegetable soup that originated among the Efik-Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River state in southeastern Nigeria. It’s considered a delicacy among many Nigerians and widely eaten all over Nigeria. It’s rather expensive to prepare however, and it’s described as a soup mostly eaten by the rich people in Nigeria.


Cheating partners deserve payback; but to what extent?


Well, forgiveness is a great, advisable virtue but it’ll be unwise and naive to expect everyone to forgive, move on and just let things go. Hell no! Not every girl is just going to cry, throw few lame punches and walk away, leaving a cheating, inconsiderate boyfriend or husband for God to judge.

For some people, the idea of letting things go involves letting out steam in one crazy form or another, and if that madness is directed at a partner who pushed them to those extremes, then fair’s just fair.

However, at what point do we draw the line in these instances, and when can one be said to have crossed the line of what’s acceptable as commensurate retaliation when a partner cheats and makes you feel like a fool?

Anything short of a criminal offence might be acceptable in dealing with a partner [Credit: Binhu]

Obviously criminal actions might have no justification here, and being moved to commit a felony because of a partner’s unfaithfulness will not excuse you from the punishment meted out by law for such offence.

Every other thing is pretty much open to debate.

In the story referred to at the beginning of this article, the babe caught her boyfriend cheating thrice and said nothing about it. In fact she returned on one of those days to have sex with the guy. Then few months after, the guy proposed and she said yes.

They had a traditional marriage and from all indications, a lavish wedding ceremony, and still she said nothing until the marriage was signed and sealed. It then turned out that her body felt repulsed every time he initiated sex with her.

She would later confess to why she did not consummate the marriage, but that was only after pressure was mounted on her, months into the holy matrimony.

What if she has been cheating and you find out [Credit: Black Excellence]

The lady in question claims she wasn’t particularly out to get back at her husband. Her hope had been that marriage to him would make it easy to forgive and move past the whole issue without having to breathe a word about it.

Reactions to this story have majorly been to castigate the lady as being vindictive, petty, wicked, horrible and other similar stuff and it’s really hard to not see her in that light.

It is pretty arguable that she served him a measure of disappointment mightily disproportionate to the one he served her, and that she intended it all all along.

But then, there really isn’t a measurement for the amount of pain she’d have gone through, seeing him sleep around and cheat serially the way he did.

There’s also no way to measure the sadness and frustration she probably felt, being unable to consummate the marriage and enjoy the pleasures of sex like every other married woman. [Mind you, she was already exposed to this fun and sweetness of sex before she married.]


So while one might be moved to make a hasty call on who is right and wrong here, it should be seen as an unregulated case of action and reaction. When you are tempted to call out the woman for fighting dirty, try to also wonder why the guy did her dirty.

Why didn’t he stay away from all those other girls when he decided to get serious with her?

It’d be pleasant if everyone could stick with their partners and shun side chicks and side guys but by all indications, this will probably never happen.

Cheating does not always have to be the end of relationships [Credit -Shutterstock]

So maybe it’s about time people began to prepare for the effects of cheating.

If you’re going to be that person who breaks trust and cheats on their partner, then be ready to face whatever comes out of it and you’re not permitted to cry foul when your pained partner pays you back in a heavier coin than yours.

You can’t determine how your partner reacts or what they choose as payback when they catch you cheating because when it comes to matters of the heart, there aren’t rules guiding reciprocity.

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