Fashion ideas for this COVID-19 era.


📌Infused fashionable gloves.
No matter what outfit it is, you can have a customized hand gloves and face mask that really match the dress you are wearing. This is doing a doubly duty. Protecting you from cold and also from corona virus.

📌A matching face mask.
A face mask matching the dress you are wearing or the color of the dress you are wearing. You can even decide to go for a mask that complements that color, as long as it marches the color you are wearing but not neutral colored.

📌Pocket dresses.
The psychology of pocket dresses is to keep your hands away from your face and also frequently touching surfaces. You additionally become consciously notified about even shaking and touching other people by accident. I am sure you get that.

📌A print facemask.
Face masks in different types of prints and patterns would really look beautiful and adorable too. Leopard skin pattern is also a good idea too. They can be a neutral colored, metallic colored or a super colorful face mask. Whichever way to go, they always look beautiful.

The 5th annual ‘Exclusive Men of the Year’ (EMYs) Africa Awards 2020 took place on Saturday, July 4

The ceremony was held to award men who have excelled in various areas such as business, education, arts, fashion, technology, and communication.

Here are the 3 best-dressed female celebrities we saw at the 2020 EMY Africa Award.

Victoria Michaels attended the ceremony in a gold ensemble made possible by a dream glam team. Her look is undeniably Golden.

Nana Akua Addo, the style icon rocked the red carpet with a black bridal gown. Her flawless makeup, sparkling tiara and the black veil was a no go area.

Salma Mumin has indeed stepped up her fashion game. She was clad in white and golden apparel. Her ponytail hairstyle and flawless makeup were top notch.

Hello Tobi. I’m Bolanle from Abeokuta. I have been following your articles and I have to confess something to you. My husband has turned me to a punching bag as he beats me at will. I once threatened him with a knife but he took it and threatened to stab me with it. I have tried to leave the marriage but he keeps begging me. I am tired of this. What can I do?
This was the outcry of a woman who reached out to me on Facebook. She had been consistently molested by her husband and he kept coming back to beg her. Before, I delve into this discourse, what is domestic violence?
Domestic violence has been described as violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.
On the back of this, domestic violence has become a widespread thing in Nigeria. In a research done in 2015, it was discovered that 45% of homes in Nigeria had an instance or another of domestic violence. What this means is that a lot of homes in Nigeria have bullies as husbands who beat their wives at will, rape them and do all sorts of things that could amount to domestic violence. Though bizarre, some cases have been recorded in which women beat their husbands too.
The instances of domestic violence are not limited to Bolanle alone. The terrible case of Titilayo Arowolo, who was killed by her husband is an example. Not only that, in the year 2007, in Ologuneru, Oyo State, Ibadan, a couple, by the virtue of domestic violence electrocuted themselves and burnt themselves to death. There are other instances of domestic violence that will not be mentioned in this article so as not to bore the reader.
One then begins to ask oneself, what could be the cause of this animalistic and beastly behavior? While speaking to some people, they claimed that it could be caused by lack of tolerance or frustration on the part of the person that perpetrates such act. However, if one is frustrated or angry, is beating your wife, raping her or molesting her till the point of death the solution? No! Definitely not.
Although there are provisions under the law stating punitive measures for domestic violence such as section 353 and 360 of the criminal code 1990 which criminalizes assault on both men and women and Violence against persons Prohibition act 2015, a lot of people who are victims of domestic violence most times, do not go to court to prosecute those who subject them to domestic violence. The reasons some of them have given is because they do not want divorce. In fact, some have hidden under the shadow of the fact that the Bible does not support divorce and that they cannot bear the stigma of the society pointing accusing fingers at them that they took their spouse to court. The question one asks oneself is that would you rather die than divorce a beastly husband?
On the part of the law, where people have sued these beastly spouses to court, it has been discovered that apart from Lagos state, the laws criminalizing domestic violence are not well implemented. The implication of this is that most people who bring cases of domestic violence before those courts are told to go for an out of court settlement.
It is clear that if we continue this way, we stand to lose a lot of lives to domestic violence in Nigeria. If people like Bolanle cannot trust even the courts to help them out, would they then resign to fate and die in silence? If they do not speak out? Would they then endure the rape and constant abuse till that man kills them? We say no to this. No one should be subjected to domestic violence in any way and those who perpetrate these acts should be locked behind bars for years or sent to rehabilitation homes.

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