Tips To Take Care Of Men’s Underwear For Long-Lasting Use


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Men’s underwear has always been the least discussed issue. It has always been a purchase and use process. Moreover, we have never bothered about discussing it. Times have changed and so has the attitude. Now you can buy the best underwear for men in India through online purchase. The variety is also mind-blowing. However, if you buy good underwear, you would surely want to keep it for a long time and also make the best use of it.

Here are Tips and Tricks by which you can Retain the Longevity of your Underwear for a Long Time:

  • Keep it Dry as Much as you can: it is obvious that your underwear would be sweaty most of the time. You cannot avoid it but you can still attempt to keep it as dry as possible. Try wiping your groin area dry with tissue paper before you put on your underwear. Also as soon as you remove your underwear, do not dump it in the pile of clothes or keep it away just like that. Keep it open and let it dry before you give for washing. This will prevent the sweat from damaging the fabric.
  • Wash it Right: A wear or tear of any fabric depends on the way we wash it. Underwears are delicate so do not wash them with other clothes. A mild wash is all it requires otherwise the elastic band becomes loose sooner. A handwash is always preferred but a light machine wash is fine as well. Also, wash undergarments inside out. That way the inner part gets cleaned properly and the fabric remains good. A few drops of liquid antiseptic in water for the final wash keeps it hygienically clean
  • Dry it Right: It is good to dry undergarments in sunlight but not in direct sunlight. Mild sunlight is enough. Though always ensure that the undergarment is adequately dry before stacking it away. Also never ever wring a wet undergarment. After washing the hand, it to let the water flow out and then put out to dry.
  • Store it Dry: Do not just pile and store undergarments. It is best to keep separate groups based on their usage. Keep separate stacks for luxury undergarments, gym-wear undergarments, office undergarments. It will be easier and handy for you and will avoid the rummage as well.

All these are little tips to add more life to your underwear. However, it is always good to buy the best quality of lingerie for men for perfect fit and longevity. La lingerie is a trusted lingerie store for men where you have unlimited choices at reasonable cost.



Lantern sleeves, Mutton sleeves, Bell sleeves, Bishop sleeves and Peasant sleeves are good options. There are sure other types that can be adopted but the keyword to be kept at the back of the mind is “details”. Detailed sleeves screams high class and evergreen fashion.

2. Trendy Pallazos.
The thing about palazzos, they need to match every item you want to add to your look. No worries, they are not so hard to match with the rest of your clothes. Everywhere you look, palazzo pants are making a comeback. You see them on the streets, parties, and even at the beach. I do think of the 60s and 70s fashion when I see them around. The look is original and flawlessly comfortable.

3. Kimono styled outfits.
They are loose, bright and vibrant. The main advantage of a kimono jacket is that it matches any style. Depending on the impression you want to make, you can choose different styles of kimono. They can be long or short, with long sleeves or without any sleeves at all, in plenty of colors, with prints and decorations, with ropes or not.

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