How to take care of your eyebrow.


📌Keep Your Face Shape in Mind
It’s great to be moderate when it comes to the grooming of your brows. The shape of your brows should not have a negative effect on your face. You don’t need your face to look too large or too small. Avoid making the brows too bold or too thin.

📌Always Brush them into Place
Whenever you find it necessary and especially when you wake up, brush your brows into place. Use a thin-tooth soft comb to do this. Before you leave your house for the market, work, or any place, you can also take the comb and brush your brows into place.

📌Shapen if it is becoming bushy and loosing shape

📌Always remove your make up before sleeping

📌Go an extra mile, apply products that will enhance the hair there.


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Rectangle Body Shape|Tips to dress and style this shape|Tips for Fashion Designers and Stylists.



If you are of a similar width throughout your body from shoulders to waist, then you have a rectangular shape. Models are usually of a rectangle shape because it is easy to fit clothing on a rectangle as it is a dress form. Celebrities with these body shapes include Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosario Dawson, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid.

You really do not have any part to hide because you can always dress up your shape to any shape you desire and it’s almost like any cloth will have a perfect sit on you. Your body type is really the best easy body type to dress. Your silhouette isn’t as curvy as the pear or apple bodies. Instead, you’ll look fairly straight up with flat shoulders. You can easily get the hourglass shape, which is the curvy shape by accentuating your waist more to ensure the proportion of your hips and bust is larger compared to the waist.

In order to dress for the rectangle body shape, you should work on creating some curves. Do more to define your waist. Wardrobe suggestions include trumpet and pencil skirts which will help create shape. Wrap dresses will also work well on this body shape, as they nip in and create a waist. Asymmetric dresses, minimalistic and monochromatic styles are good suggestions for you. Horizontally striped dresses are perfect options to give you an hourglass body shape. Belts and bands are specially made for your body type, they help you define your waist more.