How to look beautiful while menstruating(Part 3)


Incase you use menstraul products that are prone to leaking or perhaps you happen to have a heavy flow, avoid wearing a white attire for obvious and known reasons, wear black, especially if you do have heavy flow. Do not dress up like you are mourning. You can also wear shorts and tights for extra protection and firmness.

Play around with your shoes and accessories. It adds to your comfort level and boosts your confidence too. I love sneakers especially because its sort of flat and makes me look chic at the same time. Wear a shade or lens to lighten up, colourful jackets aren’t a bad idea too. Scarfs, earrings, chains, belts and bags aren’t left out too.

Avoid synthetic fabrics that irritate the skin. Avoid nylon materials. Pick clothes of natural sources like cotton for the sake of fresh air. It is all in a bid to be healthy, sweat less and avoid bad odour. This applies to your lingeries as well.

Use deodorant, body sprays and perfumes to smell fresh and chic at every point in time. Dress nice, smell nice, it is very important.

Do not forget your diet also. Eat well, drink lots of water, take fruits, exercise, treat cramps according to prescriptions and live your normal life by enjoying it with your friends and  loved ones. That’s ultimately important too.

A funeral service would be held on my behalf and while I loved the tributes and all the weeping which made me more important than I could ever be, I felt sad at my mum’s vacant eyes, my dad’s hollow condition which made him older than he ever was, my girlfriend pregnant state, and lastly my lifeless body staring up at me. The doctor said it was death upon impact, I beg to differ, it was the impact that caused the death. Adieu


As the heading goes, it is hard not to feel sorry for the way with which the society’s moral has declined, the rate at which the people indulging in hard drugs and mixtures (more…)

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