Fashion trends that are harmful to the health(Part 1).


1. Skinny Jeans
Tight-fitting jeans can cause problem for men, some of them are twisted testicles, urinary tract infections and bladder weakness. can also cause fungal infections and low sperm count. This disorder is called meralgia paresthetica, the disorder occurs when one of the nerves on the outer part of the thigh compresses and pressure on in causes symptoms of tingling and numbness and pain.

So should you stops wearing them? Yes, and even if you wanna wear them for a reason, do not be on them for too long. Please note that there is difference between tight jeans and tailored or fitted jeans. A jean can be fitted and perfectly tailored for you. This is the perfect dress for you.

Look for jeans with some stretch to them, and make sure to alternate your skinny jeans often.

High Heels
High heeled shoes are responsible for absolutely wreak disorder on the entire body from head to toe. High-heeled shoes also cause foot arthritis, bunions, knee injuries and back pain. High-heel shoes, especially pointy-toe styles. Heels can cause painful bunions and hammertoes. Alternate your heels with flat shoes, at least when lots of walking is involved.

Should you stop wearing heels? No
You can go for the short lengthed heels, or block and platform shoes. Those ones provide more support compared to the badass super pointy stilettos. Even if you must wear this badass heels, do not wear them for too long.


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