Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls, which is also known as Olumirin Waterfalls, is a tourist attraction located in Erin Ijesha, Osun State.

It is said that Erin-Ijesha waterfalls was first discovered in 1140 AD and was called Olumirin, which means “another deity,” because it seemed it had the appearance of a mysterious figure.

The natives of Erin Ijesha, at the time, believed the waterfalls to be a sacred altar through which their souls can be purified.

There is also another wonderful thing about the Eri-Ijesha waterfalls; it is like a collection of seven cascades which pour over a cliff, thus creating an impressive seven-part waterfalls.

The seven parts can best be described as a stunning assemblage of seven unique levels, with each level providing a whole new outlook when compared to the previous level.

It is because of this unimaginable beauty that prompts a writer, who visited the waterfalls for the first time, to declare that the waterfalls exudes a therapeutic ambiance which only something natural can produce.

Nevertheless, climbing the various levels of the waterfalls is not as easy as it may seem on first glance; however, it is exciting and worth the effort.

Here’s an account of a tourist’s experience:

“The first level is so beautiful and astonishing; I have never seen anything like it before in my life. The water flowed with a rhythm and just watching it gives you a soothing feeling.

“It was so inviting I couldn’t stop myself from having a feel of it: I needed to feel the water on my skin. And not minding my hair, I went in … how it welcomed me with a full embrace like a lost child; it took a lot of cajolingly to get me out of the water.”

And if upon your first visit you think like this tourist’s that the first level is amazing, you’ll definitely change your thought when you climb to the second level.

“The second level was a beauty in itself. I thought the first was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, but when I saw the second, I had a change of mind.

“The water snaked lazily through the height as it picks up it velocity.

“And yet again, I went in to have a feel; the water slapped my flesh excitingly, pumping out like an imprisoned rebel through the thickness of the woods.

“This time I willing left the water to see what the third fall has to offer.”

Erin-Ijesha waterfalls offers everything the tourist needs to satisfy his/her hunger: From freedom to beauty; refreshment to peace, happiness to safety… and of course, inspiration to goodness.

In conclusion, it is okay o say that a visit to Erin-Ijesha waterfalls is a visit to the embracing sweetness of nature.