How to mix colors using the color wheel.


đź“ŚSimilar colours go together, that is, colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.e.g blue and green, blue and violet.

đź“ŚComplimentary colours on the colour wheel, compliment each other. (These are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel) e.g Green and red. (Try and get pictures of people wearing the shirt and ties colour). If you want a less bold look, add a white to lighten things up. When you mix complimentary colors, proportion is important. If they are of the sane proportion, your outfit becomes too flashy, instead, use more of one and less of the other. For example red and green are complimentary colors wear a red dress plus a green scarf or shoe.

World's Strongest Man vs. Navy SEAL Pullup Contest
As the four-time , doesnt shirk from a fitness challenge. Hes taken on not just your everyday strongman tasks, but . He in two months as he tried to get his weight under 400 pounds. He even took on his own wife in a no easy exercise for a man who weighs more than 400 pounds. (Having to into the seats of a small regional plane was a whole different kind of challenge.)

Shaw really stepped out of his strongman comfort zone when he invited former Navy SEAL Sean Rosario for a . Before they get to that main event, though, Shaw reveals hes actually set up a four-part competition. The two first square off in a test of grip strength, racing their way through deadlifting progressively heavier weights; one of Shaws weights, he reveals, has only ever been lifted by five men.

Its a close match, but Shaw pulls out the win. The second challenge is a 500-meter sprint on a rowing machine. Afterward both men look winded, but Shaw again takes the crown. Then they finally arrive at the pullup challenge, with Shaw going first. Despite being over 400 pounds, he does manage six reps. Rosario, at 205, cranks out 20as Shaw says, its not an exercise where bodyweight is an advantage.

Shaws fourth and final challenge is a cold bath, performed in a hot tub. Shaw explains that he uses this type of session for recovery, alternating between a cold bath and his actual hot tub. He says the back-and-forth creates a mental challenge almost as much as tough as the physical ones. Despite the temperature, both men chat amiably submerged in near freezing water. The final challenge? A draw!

Darker women will understand how difficult it is to find the right lipstick shade, especially when it comes to brighter colours but Nigerian Youtube sensation, Dimma Umeh has got you covered.

               Beauty influencer Dimma Umeh shares the 5 must-have pink lipsticks for dark skin 

When it comes to darker skin tones, so many lipstick colours may seem a bit daunting. Even a colour as seemingly innocuous as pink can be be tricky for women of colour. Who doesn’t like pink? It’s pretty feminine and can go with pretty much any outfit depending on the shade. Pink lips are a classic and can add a certain youthful exuberance to any makeup look as long as you get it right.

According to Sleek‘s Makeup Artist Olivia Brown in an interview with So Feminine, “Dark skin tones look great in darker pinks or any pink shade with purple undertone. Due to the warm yellow undertones of dark skin, pinkish-reds are not advisable as it will make the skin look pale. A hot pink lipstick works amazing on dark skin, and it makes for a bold statement look.

Women with deep skin tones look absolutely radiant in bright colors, so don’t shy away from going bold with your lip colour. If you’re looking for a showstopper, choose a bright pink with magenta or fuchsia undertones. Make sure you go for a pink lipstick that has buildable coverage, so you can choose whether you want a subtle sheen or to go full on with bold colour.

Here are 3 vital steps to nailing your perfect pout.

1. Conceal

Make sure you apply concealer to your lips to stop your natural lip colour showing through and preventing the true pigment of the shade to shine. This is especially important if your lips are different colours. Use a brush to conceal and prime your pout before putting on the pink.

2. Apply

As a rule and to ensure you get the colour to come out properly, make sure you apply two layers. After applying the first layer, blot your lips with tissue or blotting paper before putting the second layer. This ensures your lip colour is more long-wearing,

3. Don’t forget the eyes

To make your lip color pop, you have to consider the rest of your eye look and tone it down so the lips are the focal point.

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