Can Guys Wear Anklets? [And How To Do That The Right Way!]


Fashion trends tend to have strange gender rules. For example, while women can readily wear anklets while going to the beach or attending festivals, many men feel as though they can’t. What is the case, then? Can guys wear anklets?

Absolutely yes, men can wear anklets and ankle bracelets. At this point, the only thing holding potentially-interested men back is the social stigma that may still exist in some parts of the population (but not all!).

Can Guys Wear Anklets? [and How to Do That the Right Way!]

Hemp Anklets

Made out of loose material, hemp anklets are often seen as temporary anklets that will fall off after long-term exposure to water. These anklets can be adorned with any number of beads or other details. So long as they’re carefully preserved or removed before entering the water, these anklets can last for a significant amount of time.


The aforementioned anklet types are among the most common anklet types you’ll see while out on the beach or in the festival scene. There are other types of anklets, though, that may fit better with an individual aesthetic. The other types of anklets ideal for men include:

  • Braided
  • Feathered
  • Corded
  • Gold or silver
  • Chainlink

Whatever your style is, you’ll be able to find an anklet that matches the aesthetic you’re trying to embody. Do your research and don’t let any concerns about fashion’s gender structures keep you from experimenting with the jewelry you’re interested in.

Can A Man Wear Ankle Bracelets?

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Ankle bracelets are no different than anklets. However, ankle bracelets may come in matching sets, much as bangles do.

Any man who feels comfortable wearing an anklet in public can just as easily wear ankle bracelets in public. Even if you’re still overcoming the societal pressure to wear as little jewelry as possible, you can experiment with the weight of two anklets versus one to see which you’re most comfortable with.

It’s worth noting, of course, that not all outfits will look good with a pair of ankle bracelets. Make sure that your outfit allows you to accentuate your jewelry. If you’re going to be wearing boots or other high-top shoes over the course of the day, you may want to save your ankle bracelets for a more appropriate outfit.

Which Leg Should A Man Wear An Anklet On?

At some recent point in American history, men and women alike came to believe that a man who wore jewelry on the left side of his body – excluding his wedding ring – was using the jewelry to indicate that he was gay. To a point, this holds true. Older gay men still wear earrings in their left ears to indicate that they are not heterosexual.

That said, wearing a piece of jewelry on the left side of your body is not an automatic indicator of a person’s sexuality. Unfortunately, though, many men are now scared of giving women or other men the impression that they’re gay by wearing non-ring jewelry on the left sides of their bodies.

While it can be difficult to throw off decades of social conditioning, some men are going to have to in order to comfortably wear an anklet or ankle bracelet in public. Your ankles have no particular symbolic meaning, even when adorned with jewelry.

Likewise, there is no inherent sin or indication of sexual proclivity attached to the wearing of an anklet on one particular ankle over the other. This is the case with women and with men in most cultural circles.

In summary, men should feel free to wear whatever kinds of jewelry interest them, including anklets. There are several styles of anklets available on the market today. If you find one that you like and what you’d feel comfortable wearing to the beach or at home, why not have a little fun?

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