The 3 female best dressed for EMY’s award.


The 5th annual ‘Exclusive Men of the Year’ (EMYs) Africa Awards 2020 took place on Saturday, July 4

The ceremony was held to award men who have excelled in various areas such as business, education, arts, fashion, technology, and communication.

Here are the 3 best-dressed female celebrities we saw at the 2020 EMY Africa Award.

Victoria Michaels attended the ceremony in a gold ensemble made possible by a dream glam team. Her look is undeniably Golden.

Nana Akua Addo, the style icon rocked the red carpet with a black bridal gown. Her flawless makeup, sparkling tiara and the black veil was a no go area.

Salma Mumin has indeed stepped up her fashion game. She was clad in white and golden apparel. Her ponytail hairstyle and flawless makeup were top notch.

If you’re even thinking about trying to pull off a beret, then you’re probably the kind of freethinking fashion revolutionary who doesn’t want or need to follow guidance, much less ‘rules’. But we’ll give you some anyway.

Speaking of “statement”, your beret-wearing artist’s palette is by no means restricted to the conventional navy and black: “Now we’re seeing brighter, lighter colours – for example, white is in demand this season.”

What To Wear With A Beret

Provided you’ve got the clout to wear a beret at all, then whatever you like. Gosha, Off-White and Stüssy have all deployed berets with the streetwear uniform of hoodies, track pants and trainers. It’s been suggested by some pundits that you should dial down the rest of your ‘fit to compensate for the statement-iness of the beret, which is only logical. But frankly, if you’re wearing a beret, then you’re way beyond such concerns.

For more of a Left Bank look, draw outfit inspiration from the autumn/winter 2017 show by YMC (a wearable, not-bonkers brand that has repeatedly advanced berets before they were ‘cool’ – ditto Margaret Howell): an overcoat or tweedily academic tailoring, chunky statement knit or Breton top and a long scarf, all in monochrome and just the right side of mime artist. Again, some commentators counsel against stripey tops because of the comedy Frenchman connotations, but if you’re going to wear a beret, then we say: lean in. Or bank left.

Finally, you could take direction from Spike Lee – or Jack Nicholson at the 1976 Oscars – and wear your beret with black tie. Or purple, in Lee’s case. Do the bright thing.

How to Wear Dress Shirts in Summer

How to Wear Dress Shirts in Summer

As the sun starts to shine and the weather warms up it can be hard to dress well and keep cool. So whether you’re in the office, at a family party or chilling out in a pub garden, a summer dress shirt is a style must for those smart days.

A mismatched suit is a stylish choice for that summer business casual look. It looks like you’ve just left the office, but you’re ready to relax and socialise. Start with a pale coloured shirt – you can get away with wearing a slight pattern if you want, then add a darker navy blazer and tie to match. The blazer should feel light to wear, so try a linen/cotton or wool blend with a loose weave.

Choose lighter coloured trousers to complement the blazer. Dress pants will keep your outfit looking smart, whereas chinos will give you a slightly more casual look so the choice is yours. Finish the look with slip-on shoes that are comfortable, while still looking stylish. This is also the perfect occasion to wear those invisible socks.

chris pine linen suit mens

Summer Casual Wear for Men

You may find it hard to go completely casual while wearing a dress shirt, but it is possible. At first glance they can seem stuffy and smart, but with some clever styling you can switch from your office look to that guy chilling in the pub in just a few easy steps. Just because you’re wearing a shirt doesn’t mean you have to wear a blazer, smart shoes or even trousers. You can mismatch your suit when going smart/casual. So when choosing a casual outfit you have even more freedom.

A pair of chinos or jean shorts will contrast the crisp, clean look of the shirt, giving you a casual but stylish summer look. Rolled up sleeves and a few loose buttons will keep you looking cool and laid-back. The key with this style is that the smart aspects of the outfit must look neat compared to the casual. So if you’re wearing a white shirt, it should be white not greying. Likewise, your white shoes should be clean and not scuffed.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like you can pull off the completely clean look, you can try a pastel blue or pink shirt. Then you can be more flexible with the shoes you’re wearing; choose trainers, slip-ons, or if you’re chilling at the beach – sandals will be fitting.

Buying Guide: Summer Dress Shirts for Men

You may be wondering how you can possibly contemplate wearing a shirt in the heat without getting all hot and flustered. The mistake you’re making is that you’re wearing the same type of shirt all year round. If you buy the correct dress shirt for the right season you’ll stay smart, not sweaty.


This is probably the most important thing to think about when buying any hot weather appropriate clothing for men. Buying the right material is easy – stick with natural fabrics. Cotton is the best fabricfor hot weather as it keeps you cool and dries quickly, but other natural fabrics like linen and wool will also keep you cool.

If you don’t mind sacrificing sleek for cool, and you’re good with the iron, you may want to try a linen dress shirt. It’s cool and breathable, easily one of the best fabrics for hot weather, but unfortunately doesn’t hold its shape well. Dress shirts are traditionally created using stiffer fabrics, so you may struggle to find one in linen, however a cotton/linen blend is a good fabric for hot weather clothing.

When you think of wool you may think of woolly hats and gloves. But with the right weave, it will create breathable clothing for hot weather. It works in a dry or humid heat because it soaks up moisture, keeping it away from the skin, and dries quickly.

coloured shirt summer men style
Your dress shirts don’t have to be white


When comes to fabric weaves most men couldn’t tell their twill from their herringbone. If you’re completely clueless, just hold your shirt up. If it feels light and translucent it has been created with a loose weave, this is perfect for hotter temperatures. If you’re looking for something more specific, here’s a quick guide to your best weave choices for summer:

  • Poplin/Broadcloth: Due to its breathable quality, this is one of the more popular weaves for warmer days. It has a simple ‘criss-cross’ pattern that makes it lightweight with a silky smooth finish.
  • Pinpoint: This is a slightly heavier weave than poplin, but it creates a stronger fabric that hangs better while still being breathable.
  • End on End: A soft, lightweight weave, it is comfortable and cool for warmer days. It is created using two or more colours, giving a slight texture and two-tone look.

Size and Fit

Once you’ve figured out what kind of dress shirt you want, you need to look at size and fit. A lot of men automatically go for baggy shirts in the hotter weather. You may think they are cooler but you are adding unnecessary fabric which can actually make you hotter. Plus baggy shirts are not a good look.

Slim fit shirts worn with a blazer will look smarter tucked in, whereas a loose-fitting shirt will look better if you are going for a more casual look. You may want to get measured for the perfect fitting suit because a overly tight shirt will be hot and uncomfortable. A regular fit shirt works whether you’re going to the office in a full suit, or wearing it with shorts at a BBQ.


Summer is the time for light colours. Dress shirts were traditionally white but they don’t have to be. Try to be more adventurous with pale blues, pinks and greys, which will still look smart. Even an off white shirt will look chic in the sunshine. Pale colours reflect the light, while dark ones will absorb it, so avoid black and navy blue shirts. You may think you’re hiding the sweat patches, but you’re probably sweating more.

How to Wear Dress Shirts in Summer

  • Stick to light colours such as beiges, blues, pinks and creams, it’s sunny and you want to be reflecting heat not absorbing it.
  • It’s not just about materials, but weaves too. Choose a light, loose weave to stay cool even if you go for a fitted shirt.
  • Tucked in is perfect for the office. Untucked is acceptable in casual or smart/casual situations – just make sure you do one or the other.
  • When unbuttoning your shirt don’t take it too far. One button is fine for a smart suit, and two or three are fine with a casual outfit
Spring not Summer Idle Man lookbook

On That Note

Now that the thought of wearing a dress shirt in summer isn’t so daunting you can wear a one at any time of year and for any occasion. Once you’ve gone through the materials and colours, don’t forget about accessories and shoes – this will put you one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to men’s summer dress.

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